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Wednesday 30 October 2019
ACIAR has two flagship capacity-building programs.
Wednesday 23 October 2019
This is the Annual Report of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR
Monday 23 September 2019
Climate change and extreme weather events are already affecting agricultural production and threa
Monday 23 September 2019
In this issue of Partners we focus on the Pacific in celebration of the upcoming Pacific
Thursday 29 August 2019
The ACIAR Corporate Plan for 2019–20 outlines our aspirations and direction for the next four yea
Tuesday 23 July 2019
The fifth edition of Mung Central, the official newsletter of the International Mungbean
Thursday 30 May 2019
This guide draws on several ACIAR projects, led by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and F
Wednesday 17 April 2019
Increasing agricultural productivity, sustainability and resilience through technological innovat
Tuesday 9 April 2019
This report provides an assessment of the impact of three ACIAR-supported projects dealing with l
Tuesday 9 April 2019
This publication reports on an impact assessment study of four ACIAR-funded projects that focused
Wednesday 27 March 2019
Ahead of the Seeds of Change
Saturday 23 February 2019
This Annual Operational Plan outlines in detail ACIAR’s work for the 2018–19 year throughout the