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Training manual for making and selling shell jewellery and macramé

shell and macrame jewellery displayed on a white background

This manual was compiled to be a reference to be used in shell-based handicraft skills workshops in Papua New Guinea and Fiji. It was produced as part of an ACIAR-supported project focused on developing pearl industry-based livelihoods in the western Pacific region. The manual is designed as a companion to community shell-based handicraft training and is likely to find broad application within the Pacific region. The manual provides the essentials of making shell-based jewellery and macramé, including:

  • design, tools, findings and components
  • the art of macramé, including how to make knots and other techniques
  • guidance on marketing and sales, pricing, and bookkeeping.

To order a printed copy, please email publishing [at] aciar.gov.au (subject: Publication%20Order, body: Please%20forward%20a%20printed%20copy%20of%20Publication%20code%20and%20title%3A%20MN208%20Training%20manual%20for%20making%20and%20selling%20shell%20jewellery%20and%20macram%C3%A9%20to%3A%0A%0AName%3A%0AContact%20number%3A%0AMailing%20address%3A) .