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Maria’s Family Team

Family sitting in circle on the floor in a discussion

The “Maria’s Family” books were developed as part of an ACIAR-funded project on women’s business acumen in Papua New Guinea. Initial research found women farmers in the highlands and East New Britain were making simple mistakes in marketing their produce, and almost all were not budgeting for their agricultural and families’ futures. Rural women also identified a lack of basic literacy was limiting their economic and social opportunities (including stopping them from engaging in training). These were the drivers of the creation of the “Maria’s Family” books. Their aim is to teach key agricultural messages to women smallholders; help mothers engage in reading activities with their children; and develop literacy skills for both mothers and children.

This book describes how to create a well-balanced allocation of household tasks, goal-setting, and the value of earning an income from different activities.

To order a printed copy, please email publishing [at] aciar.gov.au (subject: Publication%20Order%3A%20Maria's%20Family%20Team, body: Please%20forward%20a%20printed%20copy%20of%20Maria's%20Family%20Team%20ISBN%20978-1-74088-491-4%20(print)%20to%3A%0A%0AName%3A%0AContact%20number%3A%0APostal%20address%3A)