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Lainim pasin bilong kamapim,bungim na lukautim ol gaden kaikaina pasin bilong lukautim moni taimyu salim kaikai: Buk bilong trenim ol liklik lain fama bilong kamapim gadenkaikai long ol Pasifik ailan kantri long hap wes

image showing artificial mulches

This is a Tok Pisin translation of ACIAR Monograph No.176 'Introduction to basic crop production, post-harvest and financial management practices: a training manual for smallholder vegetable farmers in western Pacific island nations'. 

This manual arises from a series of training workshops conducted as part of the ACIAR-funded project SMCN/2008/008 ‘Increasing vegetable production in Central Province, Papua New Guinea, to supply Port Moresby markets’, and also draws on findings and outcomes from other ACIAR-funded projects in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji.  The material in this publication provides basic information intended for use in conjunction with the trainer’s own experience and knowledge of local conditions, practices and culture, and is sufficiently flexible to allow delivery of the specific items needed by particular groups of farmers.

To order a printed copy if this title, please email publishing [at] aciar.gov.au (subject: Publication%20Order%20(MN176a), body: Please%20post%20a%20printed%20copy%20of%20MN176a%20Lainim%20pasin%20bilong%20kamapim%2Cbungim%20na%20lukautim%20ol%20gaden%20kaikaina%20pasin%20bilong%20lukautim%20moni%20taimyu%20salim%20kaikai%3A%20Buk%20bilong%20trenim%20ol%20liklik%20lain%20fama%20bilong%20kamapim%20gadenkaikai%20long%20ol%20Pasifik%20ailan%20kantri%20long%20hap%20wes%20(Tok%20Pisin%20translation)%20to%20the%20following%20recipient.%0A%0AFull%20Name%3A%0APostal%20Address%3A%0AEmail%3A%0ATelephone%20including%20area%20code%3A)