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Overview  This project is improving the profitability of smallholder farming households in Pakistan’s Punjab and Sindh provinces, through on-farm efficiency gains and development of dairy and beef...
Overview This project is increasing adoption of agricultural technologies and best practices in Battambang and Pailin provinces, Cambodia.  A farmer’s decision to adopt an agricultural technology or...
Overview  This project is increasing forestry smallholder income in Indonesia by developing and promoting improved timber and non-timber forest products’ production and marketing. 
Overview  This project is strengthening value chains for high-value vegetables through innovations in technology and business organisation, and increasing and consolidating smallholder growers’...
Overview  This project is developing and promoting market-based agroforestry options to improve livelihoods and enhance forest and landscape management.  In northwest Vietnam, rural poverty is rife...
Overview  This project is supporting the development of innovative wood-processing industries to enhance markets for planted timber resources within Lao PDR and Australia. 
Overview Fish is by far the most important and fastest growing animal-source food, and is a critical contributor to food and nutrition security. Yet, this critical role of fish is poorly represented...
Overview This project aims to improve farmer's incomes and livelihoods by developing sustainable and inclusive vegetable value chains in Vietnam and Myanmar. In Vietnam, project ABG/2009/053...
Overview This project will be improving smallholder incomes in southern Bangladesh through improved productivity and profitability of dry-season cropping on non-saline land and, with improved saline-...
Overview The aim of this scoping study was to explore the opportunity to improve the livelihoods of smallholders in arid and saline areas of Pakistan through the introduction of the AnamekaTM old man...
Overview This Small Research Activity scoped areas for research collaboration to make Papua New Guinean highland farming livelihoods more resilient to climate variability and change.