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Overview This project is developing a collaborative geospatial platform that will facilitate identification of climate-smart landscape adaptation responses. 
Overview This SRA aimed to accelerate the adoption of Zero-Till seed drills (including the Happy Seeder) to reduce crop residue burning and boost sustainable food energy water security.
Overview This project is improving rural livelihoods through forest landscape restoration in the Philippines.  Improving the livelihoods of the rural poor remains a critical issue for the Philippines...
Overview  This project is accelerating the development of finfish mariculture in Cambodia by leveraging previous and ongoing ACIAR investments in Indonesia through south-south cooperation. 
Overview  This project is reducing unwanted peatland fires in Indonesia through science to underpin peatland restoration and to develop gender-inclusive sustainable livelihoods in and around...
Overview  This project is improving soil management in selected upland farming systems of southwest and southeast Cambodia to increase yields and returns for diverse crop options. 
Overview This project is increasing returns to labour, particularly for women, through the adoption of new technologies and farming practices that improve coffee quality and total production. 
Overview This project aims to develop and evaluate market-based approaches to improving food safety, with the overall aim of reducing the burden of foodborne disease in informal, emerging formal, and...
Overview  This project is ensuring that soil knowledge is enhanced in the Pacific Island Countries Territories and provides a reliable foundation for sustainable intensification of agricultural...