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Project Development and Reporting

ACIAR welcomes ideas for new projects at any time. Initial project ideas should be addressed to the appropriate Research Program Manager (RPM). Suggestions may come from individuals, research institutions or government organisations in developing countries or Australia. Others can arise from ACIAR-sponsored workshops or from high-level consultations that are held on a three-yearly cycle with our major partner countries.

If the idea fits ACIAR and partner country criteria, and funds are likely to be available, the RPM may invite the proponent to develop the idea into a formal proposal (template and instructions below), in conjunction with potential partners.

Consultation is a key word for ACIAR in project development and delivery. Preparation of projects involves extensive consultation between interested parties in both Australia and potential partner countries. Throughout the development process proposals are assessed by ACIAR staff and independent expert referees, before the ACIAR CEO considers the final proposal.

A complete set of project templates and guidelines for their use is below:

ACIAR Gender Guidelines for Project Proposals Download

Research Budget Guidelines for Project Teams Download

Project Budget Example Download

Annual and Final Reports

Project Travel

Engaging with NGOs

Gender Guidelines

Standard Conditions and IP Policy