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Our Global Program

ACIAR aims to be a valued donor and a strong research partner in the global agricultural research arena

ACIAR’s Global Program builds and manages ACIAR’s multilateral partnerships with a range of international organisations, institutes and associations engaged in agricultural research.

It supports the implementation of one of ACIAR’s mandated roles of funding and supporting the International Agricultural Research Centres .

For the 2017–18 period, this will primarily be allocated in support of the multilateral IARC organisations, and a suite of co-funded project alliances with like-minded donors across multiple countries in eastern and southern Africa, as well as biosecurity capacity building.

ACIAR’s Global Program also manages new modalities of procurement, primarily through co-investment partnerships. Under co-investment modalities, the design and management of the research is shared between donors. These partnerships signify strong trust and enable each partner to leverage complementary research strengths and to invest in more ambitious research than either could achieve through working alone.

Multilateral collaborations