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Human health and nutrition

ACIAR research is improving the health and nutrition of communities in developing countries

Many developing countries in our region confront the ‘triple burden’ of simultaneously having significant sections of their population facing chronic hunger, malnutrition, and micronutrient deficiency while growing numbers of people are consuming excess calories and suffering from obesity and associated noncommunicable diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

While malnourishment levels have declined over the last decade, a tenth of the planet’s population—more than 795 million people worldwide—were reported as chronically undernourished in 2014–16, and almost all of these people live in developing countries.

Children are the most vulnerable facing stunting, brain damage, disease and in many cases death. Approximately three million children die from malnourishment each year.

ACIAR’s mission is to develop relationships to build more productive and sustainable agricultural systems for the benefit of developing countries, and Australia, through international agricultural partnerships.

Our projects focus on regions most afflicted by malnutrition—Asia, Africa and the Pacific. They aim to improve productivity, sustainability and profitability of farming systems. It includes developing nutritious, disease-resistant vegetables and livestock, supporting farmers to produce plentiful harvests and raise healthy animals, and strengthening value chains better linking the farmers with the market.

ACIAR research is improving the health and nutrition of communities in developing countries.