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Service Charter

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Embedding a service delivery culture

A Message from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

ACIAR is part of Australia’s Aid Program and accountable to the Minister for Foreign Affairs. It is committed to Australia’s whole-of-government agenda and to its partners both here in Australia and overseas. This Charter outlines what you can expect when dealing with us and how you can contact us to comment on our performance.

This Charter is about our responsiveness, not our accountabilities. The accountabilities are clear and are to the Minister and Government. But our responsiveness to partners, other government agencies, community groups will demonstrate our commitment to doing the very best job we can.

ACIAR’s vision, mission outcome

  • “…more productive and sustainable agricultural systems in developing countries and Australia”
  • “…where poverty is reduced and livelihoods improved”
  • “…through international agricultural research partnerships” and
  • “…through the application of better technologies, practices, polices and systems”

Our values

We are committed to partnerships that:

  • Help reduce poverty
  • Respect each other’s values, cultures and laws.

In our work we believe in:

  • Open, honest communication that is personally and culturally sensitive, within and beyond ACIAR
  • Scientific and professional excellence to guide decision making
  • Innovation and creativity within the context of the APS values
  • Efficient use of resources.

As an organisation we value:

  • The commitment of our people and partners to the mission and work of ACIAR
  • Integrity, consultation, professionalism, fairness and ethics
  • A satisfying workplace.

Our service standards

Our performance will be measured against the following standards:

Providing prompt and accurate information as requested. We will:

  • Reply to all emails seeking information from ACIAR
  • Respond to all telephone messages and website queries
  • Ensure that more than 80 per cent of all approved projects are signed off by the CEO within one year from the time they are first considered by our formal internal review committee.

Being open and transparent in our decision making. We will:

  • Consult widely
  • Explain our decisions
  • Provide clear, accurate, ongoing advice and information
  • Provide an up-to-date, informative electronic window to ACIAR via its website.

Being accessible. We will:

  • Try to make contacting the correct staff as easy as possible
  • Provide contact names and phone numbers on our website and in our major corporate publications.

Avoiding real or apparent conflicts of interest on all occasions.

Our service guarantee

ACIAR is committed to international agricultural research partnerships and Australia’s Aid Program. We will respond quickly to Ministerial requests, recognising the importance of consulting relevant public service agencies in the process. We will strive to provide high quality professional services to our partners, new and old.

Helping us to help you

We want to continue getting better at what we do. Your feedback is essential for us to do that. The first port of call should be the staff member with whom you are dealing. Alternatively contact a member of the ACIAR Executive. We are a small agency, there to help you. Do not hesitate to contact the CEO.

If you remain dissatisfied with how we have handled a complaint that you regard as serious, there is always the option of the Commonwealth Ombudsman. This Office considers complaints from people who believe they have been treated unfairly or unreasonably by Commonwealth agencies including ACIAR. Its contact details are:

GPO Box 442
Toll-free 1300 362 072