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Benefits to Australia

As world leader’s in agricultural research Australian scientists are encouraged and supported to use their skills for the benefit of partner countries while at the same time contributing to solutions to meet Australia’s own agricultural challenges.

The diversity of our own agricultural sector, which extends from the tropics to the arid zone, continues to thrive, while operating in highly variable and challenging climates with minimal external subsidies, suggesting the Australian agricultural sector has valuable knowledge and expertise to share with other countries facing similar challenges, including farmers, rural poor, consumers, researchers and policymakers.

What are the benefits regionally?

Many studies have shown that improving farming systems and food security in developing countries delivers enormous social, economic and environmental benefits for the community and reduces threats to wider political stability and global security. 

ACIAR’s partnerships and their achievements support Australia’s national interests in many different ways. Agricultural research for development (R4D) has proven to be a highly effective route to aid the goals of enhanced prosperity and reduced poverty in partner developing countries, this contributes directly to regional peace and security. 
Economic prosperity in partner developing countries also has significant spill over benefits for Australia: stronger economies in the region offer new trade, investment and business opportunities for Australia. 

Partnerships are built on strong people-to-people linkages, trust, transparency and mutual benefit, and are skillfully managed by a highly experienced and professional team. These partnerships have brought regional and international respect for ACIAR and for Australia, and represent an integral part of the Government’s economic diplomacy strategy in the Indo-Pacific region.