This page contains a list with links to the full text of posters submitted to the fifth World Congress on Conservation Agriculture (WCCA) incorporating the third Farming Systems Design Conference in Australia this year.

Theme 1: More Efficient Management Practice for CA

A preliminary evaluation of irrigation performance and in season changes under permanent raised beds on Vertosol in Queensland, Australia.
Author(s): G. Akbar, S. Raine, J. McHugh, G. Hamilton

Reducing nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions using microbial community fermentation technology.
Author(s): R. Ames, R. Stephen, J. Kloepper, P. Calvo Velez

Soil carbon storage under no-tillage practice in northern Tunisia.
Author(s): M. Annabi, H. Bahri, R. Chibani, H. Angar, B. Bahri, H. Ben Hadj Salah

Aspects of the use of Conservation Agriculture - as the most sustainable system of farming in arid conditions in Karakalpakstan.
Author(s): K. Asamatdinov, B. Aybergenov

Evaluation of conservation tillage methods in wheat planting in south of Iran.
Author(s): S.R. Ashrafi Zadeh, A. Farhad Nato, S. Salimpour, M. Shahrbanonejad

Feasibility of conservation Agriculture for saline irrigated lands on the Southern Aral Sea, Uzbekistan.
Author(s): B.A. Aybergenov, K.I. Asamatdinov

No-tillage practice effect on soil aggregate stability in northern Tunisia.
Author(s): H. Bahri, M. Annabi, R. Chibani, H. Angar , B. Bahri , H. Ben Hadj Salah

Interactions of corn stover incorporation and simulated tillage on emission of CO2: a laboratory study.
Author(s): Y. Bajgai, P. Kristiansen, N. Hulugalle, M. McHenry

Soil nitrogen loss risk decreased and garlic yield increased in no-tillage mulching systems in Yunnan, Southwestern China. Author(s): L. Baokun, J-C. Legoupil, H. Liu, H. Zhu, P. Liu, Y. Xu

Yield and soil chemical attributes after twelve years of no-tillage with different lime rates in a green harvest sugarcane system.
Author(s): D. Bolonhezi, H. Cantarella, S.R. Brancalião, I.C. De Maria, A.C. Bolonhezi, L.A. Ferreira Neto, W.M. Peixoto, L.P. Casabona

Soil physical properties affected by soil management and crop rotation in a long term experiment in Southern Brazil. Author(s): A. Calegari, D.S. Rheinheimer, S. de Tourdonnet, D. Tessier, W.L. Hargrove, R. Ralisch, M.F. Guimarães, J. Tavares Filho

Comparative analysis of the combined effect of sowing machines and cultivars on grain yield and quality of durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.)
Author(s): M. Pisante, S. Speca, S. Corsi, F. Stagnari

Conservation farming implements for two wheel tractors.
Author(s): R.J. Esdaile

Impact of direct drilling on nascence in a cereal–vetch crop under excessive soil moisture.
Author(s): C. Gómez, I. Mariscal, P. León, P. González, C. Hontoria, R. Espejo

Crop – livestock interactions and Conservation Agriculture in Indian Punjab: exploratory village level investigation.
Author(s): D. Grover, O. Erenstein, N. Teufel

Testing the SODICS model: Does it provide useful estimates of deep drainage in clay soils?
Author(s): T.A. Gunawardena, J.B. Robinson, D. McGarry

Effect of tillage and residue retention on maize productivity.
Author(s): A.K.M.S. Islam, M.M. Hossain , M.A. Saleque, M.A. Rahman, M.E. Haque, R.W. Bell, B. Karmaker

Evaluation of the versatile multi-crop planter for establishing sprouted direct-seeded rice.
Author(s): A.K.M.S. Islam, M.E. Haque, M.M.Hossain , M.A. Saleque, R.W. Bell

Energy utilization in unpuddled transplanting of wet season rice.
Author(s): A.K.M.S. Islam, M.M.Hossain , R.I Sarker, M.A. Saleque, M.A. Rahman , M.E. Haque, R.W. Bell

A new approach to manage prostrate cover crops on permanent beds.
Author(s): N.R. Hulugalle, L.A. Finlay, T.B. Weaver

Overcoming problems associated with retaining crop stubble on permanent beds in furrow-irrigated cotton farming systems. Author(s): N.R. Hulugalle

Do livestock reduce crop yields in conservation farming systems?
Author(s): J.R. Hunt, A.D. Swan, J.A. Kirkegaard, P. Breust, M.B. Peoples

Double no-till in a rice-wheat rotation under eastern Gangetic plains of South Asia: medium-term effects on productivity and profitability.
Author(s): R.K. Jat, R. Gopal, R. Gupta, M.L. Jat

Increasing crop yields through conservation tillage in dryland areas of China.
Author(s): H.W. Li, J. He, H.W. Gao, J.N. Tullberg, A.D. McHugh, H. Li

Sowing performance of a spatially modified no-till drill in chopped and spread paddy straw.
Author(s): J.S. Mahal, M. Singh, A. Verma

Initial results on the response of maize and pigeonpeas to conservation agriculture at Karatu-Tanzania.
Author(s): R. Makoko Bashir, T. Mmbaga, F. Kanampiu, D. Rodriguez

Impact of dry seeding with alternate wetting and drying on rice productivity and profitability in Punjab, Pakistan.
Author(s): R.A. Mann, S. Hussain, M. Saleem

Conservation Agriculture-based rice-wheat-jute cropping systems in Bangladesh.
Author(s): M.A. Mazid, M.A. Haque, M.L. Bari, M.A. Ali, A. McDonald

Initial findings show benefits of controlled traffic for intensive vegetable production.
Author(s): J. McPhee, P. Aird

Characterization of soil nutrient levels in smallholder farms in Eastern Kenya.
Author(s): A.N. Micheni, F.K. Kanampiu, D. Rodriguez

Conservation tillage practices and weed management options on productivity and weed population of soybean.
Author(s): A. Monsefi, U.K. Behera, N. Rang Zan

Can conservation agriculture improve soil quality and sequester carbon in the short term for dryland smallholders in the developing world?
Author(s): M.J. Mulvaney

Evaluation and promotion of integrated crop and resource management technologies in rice-wheat systems in Pakistan. Author(s): H.M. Rehman, M.A. Gill, N.A. Awan, J.K. Ladha

Integrating economics, technology networks, soils and gender to remove constraints to Conservation Agriculture in the developing world.
Author(s): M.J. Mulvaney, K. Moore, M.E. Christie, G. Norton, M. Bertelsen, L. Sutphin

Candidate plants to help soil pest control in Conservation Agriculture: potential effects of 21 species used as cover crops in Madagascar.
Author(s): K. Naudin, B. Quaranta, O. Husson, R. Randriamanantsoa, B. Rabary, L.S. Rafarasoa, R. Michellon, P. Fernandes, A. Ratnadass

No-till practices in the drought and salt-affected region of Uzbekistan.
Author(s): A. Nurbekov, M. Suleimenov, T. Friedrich, F. Taher, R. Ikramov, N. Nurjanov

Adapting Conservation Agriculture for smallholder farmers: potential of cassava (Manihot esculenta) in Zambia.
Author(s): B.B. Umar, P.H. Nyanga

Conservation tillage, residues management and cropping systems effects on carbon sequestration and soil biodiversity in a semi-arid environment of India.
Author(s): A.K. Patra, T.J. Purakayastha, S.C. Kaushik, A.R. Sharma, U.K. Behera

Farming system modelling and Conservation Agriculture (CA) adoption: intensification, risks, resilience and strategies: an example in the Lake Alaotra in Madagascar.
Author(s): E. Penot, M. Bar, M. Benz

Evolution of Conservation Agriculture (CA) cropping systems on uplands in the Lake Alaotra area since 2003.
Author(s): E. Penot, B. Harisoa, R. Domas, J.C. Rakotondravelo

Increasing rainfall-use efficiency for dryland crops on duplex soils.
Author(s): P. Sale, J. Gill, R. Peries, C. Tang

Nutrient use and dynamics in Conservation Agriculture including legumes in the Midwest of the Malagasy highlands. Author(s): L. Randriamanantsoa, O. Zemek, E. Bünemann, J.M. Douzet, J. Jansa, A. Oberson, L. Rabeharisoa, J. Rakotoarisoa, J.C. Rakotondravelo, E. Frossard, E. Scopel

Designing low input-high value integrated and resilient farming systems to face future challenges.
Author(s): U.C. Sharma, V. Sharma

Integrated management of inputs to maximize crop yields in humid highlands for food security.
Author(s): U.C. Sharma, V. Sharma

Cover crops and nitrogen fertilisation for maize crop grown in cerrado Oxisol.
Author(s): E.C. Silva, T. Muraoka, A. Silva, S. Buzetti, C.S.Souza, O. Arf, K. Sakadevan

Performance of permanent raised bed planting in rice-wheat system in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India.
Author(s): U.P. Singh, Y. Singh, H.P. Singh, R.K. Gupta

Opportunities for increasing food legume production through Conservation Agriculture based resource conserving technologies in rice-wheat System.
Author(s): U.P. Singh, Y. Singh, R.G. Singh, R.K. Gupta

Fine tuning of Happy Seeder for direct drilling of wheat into combine-harvested rice fields.
Author(s): M. Singh, H.S. Sidhu, Y. Singh, J. Blackwell

Influence of irrigation and nitrogen fertiliser management practices on nitrogen dynamics in rice-based cropping systems. Author(s): A. Suriadi, Y.G. Abawi, R.K. Misra

Effect of stubble height and architecture on soil water capture.
Author(s): G.B. Swella, K. Flower, P.R. Ward, K.H.M. Siddique

Field method for detection and evaluation of soil compaction.
Author(s): T.H. Weyer, R. Boeddinghaus

Tailoring wheat genotypes for conservation agriculture in different cropping systems: an innovative and much needed breeding paradigm.
Author(s): R. Yadav, L. Kumar, M.L. Jat, J. Gupta

Promoting no-till practices to stabilize durum wheat yields and sustain agricultural production in semi-arid regions of Algeria. Author(s): O. Zaghouane, M. Makhlouf

Theme 2: Farming Systems Design

Understanding “time” as a key constraint to achieving sustainable rice farming in Sri Lanka.
Author(s): D. Abeygunawardane, R.J.S. Beeton, D.C. Cameron

Effect of improved fallows on maize productivity in Eastern and Southern Africa: a yield gap analysis.
Author(s): M. Adam, E. Barrios, F. Place

Using agro-climatic models to estimate the Guineagrass potential production in Brazilian tropical Savanna.
Author(s): L.C. Araujo, P.M. Santos, D. Rodriguez, J.R.M. Pezzopane, P.G. Cruz, P.P.A. Oliveira

Designing and disseminating Conservation Agriculture according to context features: theory and practices.
Author(s): O. Balarabé, O. Husson, A. Chabanne, L. Seguy

Building social resilience through understanding capacities of smallholder farming in Papua New Guinea.
Author(s): G. Palaniappan, B. Chambers, L. Bonney, L. Simeon, S. Hopa, C. Birch

Rotational benefit and economic return of fall-seeded pea and lentil as cover crops in wheat-based no-till cropping systems. Author(s): C. Chen, K. Neill

Exploring the relationship between path dependency and flexibility in farm systems.
Author(s): L. Cowan

Evaluation of APSIM to simulate maize-bean cropping systems in eastern and southern Africa: an alternative approach. Author(s): J. Dimes, J. Achieng, T. Mesfin, T. Abeya, B. Makoko, N. Nhantumbo, D. Rodriguez

Agroforestry systems as a strategy for sustainable production of oil palm in the Brazilian Amazon.
Author(s): D.C. Castellani, A.C. Silva, C.B. Capela, C.I. Domenico, C. Sugaya, E. Suzuki, J. Takamatsu

Breeding better maize germplasm for drier and hotter production environments.
Author(s): S. Fekybelu, A. Zeppa, Y. Chauhan, D. Rodriguez

Minimum tillage systems can reduce heliothis pupae emergence in irrigated cotton farming systems.
Author(s): N.R. Hulugalle , C. Tann, T.B. Weaver

Conservation Agriculture: sustainable crop intensification in rainfed peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) production system for efficient resources use.
Author(s): D.S. Kumar, S.D. Reddy, T.Y. Reddy

Grain yield of wheat following winter grazing in a low rainfall environment.
Author(s): R. Latta

Responses of spring wheat to nitrogen rates on a loess soil in a semi-arid climate on the western Loess Plateau, China. Author(s): L. Li, G. Huang, W. Bellotti, X. Wang

Less, or more: a preliminary systems study on nitrogen intensity of the wheat-maize system in the North China Plain. Author(s): W.L. Liang, P. Carberry, F. Chen, J. Whish, G.Y. Wang, R.X. Li, A.P. Xia

Intensifying Ethiopian agriculture: the role of improved seed system: constraints and opportunities.
Author(s): A. Hailesilassie

Evaluation of a polyherbal supplementation on the methane emissions from dairy goats.
Author(s): F. Mirzaei, S. Prasad, M. Mohini

Prototyping rotation and association with cover crop and no till.
Author(s): K. Naudin, E. Scopel, O. Husson, S. Auzoux, E. Penot, K.E. Giller

Watermelon (citrullus lanatus) live mulch climatic adaptation capabilities in African humid tropics’ cropping system.
Author(s): D. Ojo, S. Taiwo, I. Aiyelaagbe

Irrigation strategy has a large effect on deep drainage during a long-term crop sequence in the Lockyer Valley, Australia. Author(s): R. Robinson, S. Kodur, T. Ellis

Short term intensive rotational grazing in native pasture: II. Effects on soil nitrate and extractable P.
Author(s): G. Sanjari, H. Ghadiri, C. Ciesiolka

DYSPALLOC, a model to simulate farmers’ cropping plan decisions in their spatial and temporal dimensions.
Author(s): N. Schaller, C. Aubry, H. Boussard, A. Joannon, P. Martin

Simulation of water management practices during rice growth in a tropical lowland rice-based farming systems using APSIM. Author(s): A. Suriadi, Y.G. Abawi, R.K. Misra, D. Gaydon

Factors influencing the adoption of corn in irrigated rice-based farming systems in Lao PDR.
Author(s): V. Sourideth, P. Ouanesamone, J.C. Newby

Enabling technologies in agriculture: tackling food security and sustainability.
Author(s): J. ten Hav, P. Stoutjesdijk

Integrating Conservation Agriculture with trees: trends and possibilities among Smallholder Zambian farmers.
Author(s): B.B. Umar, P.H. Nyanga

Theme 3: Impact through Consultation, Participation and Knowledge Sharing

Sustainable Certified Agriculture: the farmer’s production alternative.
Author(s): J. Albertengo, A. Bianchini, A. Sylvestre Begnis, S. Lorenzati, G. Fernandez Parma, C. Bellosco, R. Peiretti

Recognizing farmers’ innovation of direct seeded Boro rice + Mustard mixed cropping systems and conservation agriculte based intervention for improvement.
Author(s): Ali M. Akkas, N.U. Mondal, M.A. Mazid

Response of Cucumber (Cucumbus sativus L.) to Deficit Irrigation in Saudi Arabia.
Author(s): A. Alomran, I.I. Louki

Landcare – Australia’s global solution to Conservation Agriculture.
Author(s): A. Arbuthnot

Conservation Agriculture advances with permanent rainfed cotton based cultivation with animal traction in Southern Mali. Author(s): P. Autfray, F. Sissoko

Calendar of activities agriculture of producers in the Brazilian Amazon and Atlantic forest.
Author(s): D.C. CastellanI, C.I. Domenico, A.C. Silva, C.B. Capela, R.M. Tozaki, D.H. Oliveira

Land grabbing and certification role in reducing gender gaps in productivity in rural sub-Sahara Africa.
Author(s): O.A. Elemide

Bio-economic optimisation of land use to manage natural resources.
Author(s): I. Hume, T. Nordblom, J. Finlayson, H. Creswell, E. Wang

Market Integration of Small Holder Farmers through CA in Zimbabwe.
Author(s): M. Jenrich, J.C. Urvoy

Designing training and education activities for the Border Rivers-Gwydir Catchment Management Authority to improve on-ground activities by landholders.
Author(s): L.A. Lobry de Bruyn, J. Lenehan, J. Prior

The role of Conservation Agriculture in increasing crop productivity for small holder farmers in Zimbabwe.
Author(s): L.S. Marongwe, K. Kwazira, M. Jenrich, C. Thierfelder, A. Kassam, T. Friedrich

Understanding adoption of Conservation Agriculture in eastern and southern Africa.
Author(s): M. Mekuria

Prospects for up-scaling Conservation Agriculture in Zimbabwe using animal traction mechanization technologies.
Author(s): I. Nyagumbo, E. Mutsamba, T. Barrett, E. Dengu, C. Thierfelder

Enhancing adoption of conservation agriculture practices through co-innovation platforms in sub-Saharan Africa.
Author(s): H. Posthumus, B. Pound, N. Andrieu, B. Triomphe

Regional Initiative for Agroecology-Climate Change” in the Indian Ocean Islands (IRACC network).
Author(s): A. Rakotondralambo

Participatory learning for technology shaping and its dissemination: a case of Nepal.
Author(s): R. Uprety

Theme 4: Policy Development for Market Effectiveness

The use of earthworms as bioindicators in no-till systems in Brazil.
Author(s): M. Bartz, G. Brown, A. Pasini, I. Mello, T. Tamiozzo, J. Bortoluzzi, R. Toledo

Brazilian public policy to mitigate and adapt for climate change and develop a low-carbon agriculture plan.
Author(s): L.A.M. Cordeiro, P.R. Galerani, D. Dossa, D.D. Amaral, A.A. Dossa

Identifying and classifying farmland management zones.
Author(s): T. Huffman, M. de Zuviria, M. Green

Nutrients – the real constraint to sequestering carbon in soil organic matter?
Author(s): C. Kirkby, J. Kirkegaard, A. Richardson, L. Wade, C. Blanchard, G. Batten

Conservation Agriculture and watershed management in Brazil: the Itaipu watershed (Paraná 3).
Author(s): F. Laurent, I. Mello, J. Corbonnois, R. Verdum