The ACIAR Fellowships Scheme was introduced in 1986 to provide the opportunity for partner country scientists involved in ACIAR-supported collaborative research projects to obtain postgraduate qualifications at Australian tertiary institutions.

What is the John Allwright Fellowship?

The primary aim of the Scheme is to enhance research capacity in ACIAR’s partner country institutions. While individual awardees will benefit from the Scheme, it is important to note that partner country institutions are the key targets.

How to apply

Applications are welcome from participants in both bilateral and multilateral projects. All applicants must be working with an ACIAR project. Read our guidelines and about how to apply.

Fellowship benefits

Postgraduate studies undertaken by each awardee are based on the research work being carried out under the collaborative research project in which the awardee is engaged prior to taking up the award. However, it is important that the student’s research project forms a discrete topic related to, but not part of, the existing ACIAR project. The study program should be designed to provide the awardee with the opportunity of continuing active involvement in the project research work throughout his or her studies, and sufficient knowledge to continue the research effort on final return to their home country. ACIAR will in certain circumstances support course work postgraduate degrees.

Project Leaders are requested to ensure that a project will not be jeopardised should their nominee receive an award, as the ACIAR project must be able to function in the absence of a successful awardee. More than one person may be nominated from a project, but the Project Leader must be able to demonstrate that the project can function in the absence of more than one awardee.

Project Leaders wishing to nominate partner country project staff for a Fellowship should contact the relevant ACIAR Research Program Manager to discuss the eligibility of the candidate, possible study programs and the impact of a successful Fellowship award on the project.

Project Leaders and applicants should read the guidelines before nominating for a fellowship.

To read about the personal experiences from former John Allwright Fellows, please see the attached PDFs at the bottom of the page.

Any queries may be directed to the appropriate Research Program Manager or the Project Officer, Capacity Building:

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