Dr Eric Huttner is the Research Program Manager for Crop Improvement and Management. The program aims to increase productivity, sustainability and utilisation of major crops and cropping systems of mutual importance to Australia and developing countries in our region.

Dr Huttner graduated from France’s leading agricultural engineering school, Institut National Agronomique. He started his career in plant molecular genetics working in public research institute, INRA, in France. He was one of the first foreign post doctoral fellows hosted by the Chinese Academy of Science, based at the Institute of Biochemistry in Shanghai, where he worked on rice molecular biology.

Dr Huttner has worked in a range of private companies throughout his career, including founding a start-up genetic analysis service company in Canberra where he was producing high-density and low-cost genetic data for plant breeders and plant scientists worldwide.

He has been involved in managing public-private research initiatives in both Australia and France. He was responsible for creating a research laboratory at the Australian National University for Groupe Limagrain, a France-based multinational seed company, and was a director of Gene Shears, a biotechnology company established by Limagrain and the CSIRO. During this time he established collaborative research projects with CSIRO and several Australian universities. In France, he was a key member of the team running Genoplante, a plant genomics initiative supported by the French government and most French seed companies.

Dr Huttner was a founding partner and director of Australia’s Cooperative Research Centre for Plant Science and has also been a valuable member of the Australian Biotechnology Advisory Council.

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Research Program Manager, Crop Improvement and Management
+61 2 6217 0527