Dr Ejaz Qureshi is the Research Program Manager for the Agriculture Development Policy program, which operates both stand-alone projects and supports discipline-based projects across ACIAR including Land and Water Resources, Forestry, Fisheries and Livestock Production Systems. A key component of the program is understanding how policies can influence adoption and further the outcomes of technical research. Institutional and policy settings are essential to influencing productivity and sustainability in developing countries and Australia.

Dr Qureshi has more than 15 years experience dealing with natural resource management and associated policies. He has worked extensively in Australia, China, Pakistan, Indonesia and India. He is the recipient of many CSIRO awards including the Land and Water Chief’s High Impact Studies Award and the Strategic Excellence Look Out Award (2007) in recognition of his contribution to urban water economic modelling. He also received the Social and Economic Science Program Award in 2012 and the Julius Career Award in 2013.

Contact Ejaz Qureshi

Research Program Manager, Agricultural Development Policy
02 6217 0591