The PNG Family Farm Teams Manual
Publication Code: 
978 1 86320 039 4
Date Released: 
Pamphilon B., Mikhailovich K. and Gwatirisa P. 2017.

The aim of the Family Farm Teams program is to provide one female and one male family head from a household with a series of workshops and family activities that will enable them to work
as a family team and to plan together the further development of their agricultural activities. The program can also be used with full family teams (adults, young adults and youth) and
with other types of families, such as a widow and adult son, for example, or with polygamous families.

The manual is divided into four sections, one for each module. Each module has a number of activities. At the end of each module there is an example of a module session plan.
Each activity includes instructions on how to run the activity, tips for facilitators, a list of a materials needed, minimum time required.