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ACIAR fisheries projects in Indonesia: review and impact assessment
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978 1 921531 01 9 (print) 978 1 921531 02 6 (online) ISSN 1832-1879
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Greg Martin

This study provided a review of all ACIAR-funded fisheries research in Indonesia and selected two different programs of research for detailed studies – tuna capture fisheries and shrimp aquaculture. For captured fisheries management the capacity developed in early projects contributed significantly to Indonesia becoming a member of a regional fisheries management group and associated access to high value markets for southern blue fin tuna caught in Indonesian waters. The study found that the net present value of the welfare gains from the investments required to achieve Indonesian membership of this regional group was $1,100 million. The share of these returns attributed to the ACIAR supported component was assessed to be $168 million, indicating a return on ACIAR and partner-invested funds of a benefit to cost ratio of 179:1 and an internal rate of return of 210 per cent.

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