LWR/2010/015: Improved village scale groundwater recharge and management for agriculture and livelihood development in India - final report
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Professor Basant Maheshwari, Dr Tushaar Shah, Dr S. Prathapar, Dr Pennan Chinnasamy, Mr Sachin Oza, Mr Mohan Sharma, Mr Dhavan Nagar, Dr Yogesh Jadeja, Mr Brijen Thakar, Dr Harsharn Grewal, Adj. A/Professor Roger Packham, Assoc. Professor Maria Varua, Dr Peter Dillon, Dr Rai Kookana, Dr John Ward, Professor R.C. Purohit, Dr P.K. Singh, Dr K.K. Yadav, Dr S.R. Bhakar, Dr P.S. Rao, Dr S.S. Sisodia, Dr H.K. Mittal, Ms Yogita Dashora, Dr A.S. Jodha, Dr Hakimuddin, Mr Prahlad Soni, Dr Praful Bhatnagar

The project LWR/2010/015, Managing Aquifer Recharge and Sustaining Groundwater Use through Village-level Intervention (MARVI), used a participatory and transdisciplinary approach at village level to engage farmers and other community members to monitor groundwater, rainfall and check dam water levels and use this information along with agronomic, social, economic and cultural aspects to develop capacity of villagers for sustainable groundwater management.