FSC/2012/014 - Improving sustainable productivity in farming systems and enhanced livelihoods through adoption of evergreen agriculture in eastern Africa shortened as ‘Trees for food security’ project (T4FS) - Final report
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Catherine W Muthuri, Athanase Mukuralinda, Derero Abayneh, Clement Okia, Joel Buyinza, Kiros Hadgu, Claudette Nkurunziza, Ruth Kinuthia, Phillip Smethurst, Frederic Baudron, Evelyn Kiptot, Patricia Masikati, Miyuki Iiyama, Anne Kuria, Joseph Tanui, Ngoga Tenge, Musana Bernard, Jeremias Mowo, Fergus Sinclair

The project, “Improving Sustainable Productivity in Farming Systems and Enhanced Livelihoods through Adoption of Evergreen Agriculture in Eastern Africa, (FSC/2012/014)”, also known as the ‘Trees for Food Security’ (T4FS), commenced in June 2012 and was completed in November 2016.  The aim was to enhance food security for resource-poor rural people in Eastern Africa through research that underpins national programmes to scale up the use of trees within farming systems in Ethiopia and Rwanda and then scale out successes to relevant agro-ecological zones in Uganda and Burundi.  Project partners were ICRAF (lead institution), EIAR, RAB, NAFORRI ISABU CIMMYT, CSIRO and WV and ILRI.