Examining women's business acumen in Papua New Guinea: Working with women smallholders in horticulture -Final Report ASEM/2010/052
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Prepaired by: Barbara Pamphilon and Katja Mikhailovich Co-authors: Barbara Pamphilon, Kiteni Kurika, Elizabeth Ling, Norah Omot, Lalen Simeon, Kym Simoncini, Fredah Wantum

The Family Teams program is a gender-inclusive approach that encourages male and female family heads to work together as a family team and to collaboratively plan the further development of their agricultural and family activities.

The three modules are:

1) Working as a family team for family goals; 

2) Planning your family farm as a family team; and

3) Communicating and decision-making as a family team. The Family Teams program was complemented by brokered training in the areas of sustainable livelihoods, business and financial literacy, and agricultural production development relevant to each area.