FR2017-08 Improving Livelihoods of Smallholder Families through Increased Productivity of Coffee-based Farming Systems in the Highlands of PNG - ASEM/2008/036
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George Curry, Mike Webb, and Gina Koczberski. Co-authors: Johannes Pakatul, Susan May Inu, Emma Kiup, Matilda Hamago, Leo Aroga, Mark Kenny, Tom Kukhang, Geraldine Tilden and Sean Ryan

Coffee is the primary source of household income for many highlands communities, where more than 80% of PNG’s coffee is produced. 

The project has filled a gap in the knowledge and understanding of the socio-economic factors and nutrient management practices that affect smallholder coffee production.  This information has been used in the drafting of extension training manuals.  The manuals seek to improve extension intervention strategies to increase smallholder productivity and incomes and promote management practices that maintain or improve the nutrient capital of coffee and food gardens.  The project findings have also stimulated interest within CIC to explore new research questions and interventions around socio-economics and nutrient management which has the potential to lead to more suitable smallholder extension interventions into the future.