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Final Report FST/2010/012 Enhancing key elements of the value chains for plantation-grown wood in Lao PDR
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Prof. Barbara Ozarska, Adam Redman, Alf Said. Dr Hilary Smith, Ken Boer, Stuart Ling, Richard Laity, Stephen Midgley, Latsamy Boupha and Benoit Belleville

The aim of the project was to improve livelihoods for farmers and processing workers and the international competitiveness of Lao PDR wood industries through improved efficiency of key elements of the planted wood value chain.
The project has built upon the achievements of a previous project, FST/2005/100 “Value-adding to Lao plantation timber products” (VALTIP), which focused on building capacity and enhancing the range, quality and value of manufactured wood products in Lao PDR.