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Enhancing smallholder cattle production in East Timor - Final Report
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Geoffry Fordyce, Dr Simon Quigley, Neal Dalgliesh, Dr Scott Waldron, Assoc Prof Elske van de Fliert, Calisto da Costa Varela, Latino Coimbra, Celestino Goncalves Talo Mali, Yuliaty, Dr Vicente de Paulo Corriea, Adelino do Rego, Alipio de Almeida, Dr Acacio Amaral, Eric Thorne-George

Final Report + Appendix 1-8

1 Situation analysis
2 Markets and policy
3 Forage evaluation
4 Cattle production
5 Creep feeding
6 Cattle handling infrastructure
7 Training of trainers
8 Theses abstracts for Master’s students

Project: To assist meeting Timor-Leste’s objectives, a project was established as the first stage of a 10-year program to answer the following research questions: (i) how do beef cattle contribute to smallholder livelihoods and what are the associated risks; (ii) which low- or no-cost (financial and time) interventions can increase local beef production efficiency; (iii) what market opportunities exist to complement increased production and how can they be developed; (iv) what feasible mechanisms are required and will provide farmers with access to information and services that would effectively support