Final Report for CIM/2009/049: Seeds of Life 3
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978-1-925436-79-2 (PDF only)
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Prepared by: Harry Nesbitt, Australian Program Coordinator, and Luc Spyckerelle, Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, Seeds of Life – Timor-Leste program, University of Western Australia Co-authors: Seeds of Life 3 team members; Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Timor-Leste; Centre for Plant Genetics and Breeding, University of Western Australia

The objective of the Seeds of Life 3 (SoL3) program was to improve food security through increased productivity of major foodcrops. The foodcrops SoL3 targeted were in first instance the staple foodcrops of the Timorese menu, i.e. maize, rice, peanut, cassava and sweet potato. The program also expanded into research on legumes (e.g. kidney beans, mung beans and winged beans) and temperate crops (e.g. wheat, barley, potatoes).