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Final Report for SMCN/2009/021: Climate change affecting land use in the Mekong Delta: Adaptation of rice-based cropping systems (CLUES)
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Ngo Dang Phong, Postdoc Fellow, IRRI, Reiner Wassmann, Senior Scientist, IRRI Le Quang Tri, Director, Climate Change Institute, CTU Nguyen Xuan Hien, Director, SIWRP Nguyen Thi Lang, Head of Plant Breeding, CLRRI Le Van Hoa, Dean of Faculty of Agronomy and Applied Biology, CTU Dang Kieu Nhan, Vice Director, Institute of Mekong Delta Research, CTU Nguyen Hieu Trung, Dean of Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, CTU Cao Van Phung, Head of Soil Science Department, CLRRI

The CLUES project aimed at improving the adaptive capacity of rice-based farming systems for effectively managing impacts associated with climate change, with emphasis on capacity building, cooperation among CLUES members and local stakeholders, and internal and external information flows.

The report includes main results of the six themes derived from their final reports as well as additional information from the reports on the semi-final review and final review of CLUES. It focuses on technical and policy aspects during interactions among scientific advisors, team members of CLUES, local stakeholders, and policymakers during the implementation of project research activities.