Evaluation of the Crawford Fund master class in biotechnology: A tracer study of participants, their sponsoring institutions and course providers
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1 86320 213 7
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J R McWilliam, R Sdoodee & L Marlow

The master classes in biotechnology represent a new development in the retraining of professional scientists in developing countries The specific purpose of this training has been to expose mid-career scientists and scientific administrators involved in agricultural research to the principles of molecular biology underlying the new techniques and tools of biotechnology, and the application of these to improve the efficiency and outcomes of the research activities in their own institutions. The catchment for candidates for the master classes in biotechnology has been East and South Asia, which corresponds to the major focus for Australia’s aid funds. Within this region, participants have been drawn from 14 countries, with over 70% coming from six of these, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam.