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Integrated crop and dairy systems in Tibet Autonomous Region, PR China
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978 1 925133 08 0
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Ann McNeill, John Wilkins, John Piltz, Nyima Tashi, Se Zhu, Jin Tao, et al.

Final report for LPS/2006/119.This project aimed to improve Tibetan farmers’ incomes, through boosting grain, fodder and dairy production. The research gained an understanding farmers’ issues associated with poor livestock health and low farm productivity. On-farm and on-station trials examined the performance of various fodder (including vetch, triticale, oats and maize) and cereal crops (wheat and barley) using different farming strategies. Animal house and on-farm experiments assessed the health and productivity of different cattle breeds in response to different types and rations of feed. Project outputs include recommendations and interventions from the research, capacity building of research and extension staff, and the formation of effective information transfer pathways that promote change on-farm. Australian research assessed management options for cereal and cereal/vetch forage crops for hay and silage production.