Through the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) Australia invests a total of almost AUD50m a year to fund international agricultural research.

The CGIAR and other, selected International Agricultural Research Centres (IARCs), receive around AUD10m from ACIAR’s investment each year, in addition to funding received from other Australian organisations.

Around AUD40m is allocated through bilateral research projects between ACIAR and partner research organisations in developing countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

Bilateral investment builds partnerships between Australian research expertise and the agricultural systems and institutions of developing countries, through a project modality.

Projects involving IARCs mirror this approach, utilising the expertise of such centres in cases where a bilateral project modality may not offer a comparative advantage. In many cases IARCs also collaborate in bilateral research.

In 2008 an Independent Review Panel looked at the CGIAR System. The Panel’s key conclusion is that the Centers contribute value, however the CGIAR System is not achieving its full potential. The results of this review were presented at the CGIAR 2008 Annual General Meeting in Mozambique, and are available in a synthesis report. Further information on the Annual General Meeting and the Independent Review Panel is available at