CAB International (CABI) works to develop sustainable solutions for agricultural and environmental problems in the developing world through Biosciences, Information for Development and Publishing. Australia supports CABI through core funding (AUD250,000 in 2005-06) and commissioning and support of projects. CABI Bioscience division works in the field of applied biological sciences for sustainable agriculture and environmental safety. CABI Publishing is a not-for-profit publishing division in the field of applied sciences, with the Information for Development program supporting both divisions through the provision of information in applied sciences for developed countries. For more information about CABI Divisions, see its website,

CABI produce regular publications that give an indication of their current activities and future plans. These include an Annual Report which looks that their activities over the calendar year 2006. It also includes a Medium-Term Plan, which details their organisational direction for 2008-2010, and an External Program and Management Review, both of which are available by contacting CABI.