Overview Objectives

This project aims to increase incomes and strengthen local food security of small-scale farmers and their families in central Myanmar by improved fertiliser use and associated crop management practices.
Underperformance of rice and maize crops in Myanmar is caused by the inadequate supply of nutrients, particularly nitrogen. Yields of these major cereal crops are low in comparison with what is possible with adequate fertiliser management. Crop yields and rates of fertiliser application are small in comparison with neighbouring countries.
There are sufficient incentives to improve rice maize yields and profits, both locally at community level and nationally. The research, therefore, aims to increase rice and maize yields that farmers achieve using fertiliser in the relatively infertile areas of central Myanmar, and whether they can be realistically improved for increased farm profits.
Research is being complemented by capacity building of Myanmar agricultural scientists and academics to sustain and promote improved management practices, and resulting improvements to livelihoods, well into the future.

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University of Melbourne, Australia
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Dr Deli Chen
03 8344 8148
03 8344 4665
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Department of Agriculture, Myanmar
Yezin Agricultural University, Myanmar
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Dr Robert Edis