Overview Objectives

This project is part of the DFAT-funded Agriculture Value Chain Collaborative Research program (AVCCR) which prioritises goat meat value chains for further research. The program’s goal is “that rural poor, particularly women, living in the Punjab and Sindh significantly and equitably benefit from improvements in strategic value chains”. The AVCCR will target strategic value-chains affecting smallholder livelihoods and focus on social equity and the empowerment of women as fundamentals to development.
In Pakistan, government interest, improved financing of animal farming, expanding milk and meat processing companies, and growing demand (domestic/foreign) for livestock products, are reshaping the goat meat sector. Goat numbers have increased consistently in the last 20 years. Punjab is an important part of national production, with over one third of the national herd of 66 million (2013-14). Smallholders dominate the industry, and goat production is a family business. Better market engagement and improving meat quality and on-farm production efficiency may help smallholders participate more profitably in goat value chains, particularly those targeting higher-value products.
Goat meat production and processing is primitive; although the meat is in demand and more expensive than beef, nothing is known about sustained consumer demand or the marketing channels that supply it.
This project will:
1. Map and analyse predominant goat value chains linking smallholder farmers to markets including the value smallholders derive from them.
2. Investigate smallholder farmer perceptions on their engagement with goat value chains and the role that women play both on-farm and post-farm gate.
3. Identify research opportunities for improved smallholder goat producer engagement with, and contribution to, specific goat meat value chains.

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University of Melbourne, Australia
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Dr Angus Campbell
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University of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan
National Agricultural Research Centre, Pakistan
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