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Cocoa production directly supports about two-thirds of the population in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (ARoB). Arising from the post-conflict environment, many cocoa farming communities in Bougainville have formed themselves into cohesive communities with clear goals and objectives. These communities have specifically requested assistance to better their circumstances in the major areas impacting their lives - profitable crops and better access to healthcare.

With advances in technology and communication networks there is an opportunity to address these problems decisively - with potential for greater engagement with women and youth, fostering entrepreneurship, addressing limited capital availability, and understanding how malnutrition and ill health compound labour shortages.
Within the broader development goal of contributing to the sustainable and socially equitable economic development of Bougainville, the specific aim of this proposal is to improve the profitability and vitality of smallholder cocoa farming families and communities.

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University of Sydney, Australia
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Professor David Guest
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Cocoa Coconut Institute of Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea
Autonomous Region of Bougainville Dept of Primary Industries and Marine Resources, Papua New Guinea
Mars Australia, Australia
University of Natural Resources and Environment, Papua New Guinea
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ACIAR Research Program Manager
Dr Richard Markham