Overview Objectives

A project in 2015 investigated limitations and strengths of commercially available digital applications that projects use to collect data and for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) (GMCP/2015/016 - “Assessment of digital data collection applications (DDCAs) to support ACIAR’s M&E”) (MAD pilot).
This Small Research Activity aims to determine the level of capacity building and other considerations necessary to implement DDCAs. It will evaluate how four core ACIAR research projects adopt and roll out apps, and develop and test app adoption advocacy and scale out models to promote the use of apps amongst the ACIAR research community.
This SRA will produce:
a. A final report, containing:
a. An assessment of the suitability of the CommCare Maturity Model in determining ACIAR project capacity building requirements for app adoption (addresses research question 1).
b. Case studies for each of the core ACIAR projects capturing the benefits and challenges of the app support available (research question 2).
c. An assessment of the value adds of apps to ACIAR projects (research question 3).
d. An evaluation of the various methods of scaling out the adoption and effective use of apps.
e. An evaluation of any requested photo/story capture workshops to inform ACIAR of future training requirements.
f. Masterclass material, including: reference materials, program, presentations and participant evaluation.
b. Masterclass delivered to core projects and other identified and agreed ACIAR projects.
c. Videos
i. ACIAR project focussed MAD video (7 mins)
ii. ACIAR comms focused video (2-3 mins)
iii. ACIAR project scale out video (2 mins)

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Agricultural Impact International Pty Ltd, Australia
Project Leader
Mr Stuart Higgins
Mob: +61 438 987 502
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University of Melbourne, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, Australia
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ACIAR Research Program Manager
Dr Peter Horne