Overview Objectives

A project in 2015 investigated limitations and strengths of commercially available digital applications that projects use to collect data and for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) (GMC/2015/016 - “Assessment of digital data collection applications (DDCAs) to support ACIAR’s M&E”) (MAD pilot).
This Small Research Activity aims to determine the level of capacity building and other considerations necessary to implement and scale out DDCAs. Building on the findings and outputs from the MAD pilot, this SRA will design a research evaluation framework, and deliver a Masterclass to at least four research projects that adopt and implement app-based surveys.
This SRA will produce:
1. A report, containing:
a. The research questions, aims and objectives to be addressed in an ongoing evaluation;
b. An outline of the commitments between at least four core projects, Dimagi, A and ACIAR and their roles within the evaluation;
c. Work plans for each of the partner projects to implement the DDCA in their specific activities schedule, and
d. An activity schedule and methodology, including draft evaluation survey questions to monitor and evaluate DDCA usage in ACIAR research projects.
2. Masterclass material, including reference materials, program, Power Point presentations, and a final report.

Project ID
Project Country
Commissioned Organisation
PT Collins Higgins Consulting, Indonesia
Project Leader
Mr Stuart Higgins
Mob: +61 438 987 502
Collaborating Institutions
University of Melbourne, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, Australia
Project Budget
Start Date
Finish Date
ACIAR Research Program Manager
Dr Peter Horne