Overview Objectives

This project was a pilot to test the feasibility of setting up a Laos Agricultural Research Fund designed to provide Lao scientists from government, university, college and NGO-type organisations based in Lao PDR to compete for agricultural funds. It was mandatory that project proposals contained a defined research component to take place over 1-3 years and had a Lao scientist as designated leader. The annual funding limit for individual projects was set at US$5,000 with a 3-year project limit of US$12,000 per project. Project proposals were considered in the areas of: crop production; livestock production and health; natural resource management; integrated agricultural systems research; agricultural economics and socio-economics studies relating to agriculture; and fisheries research. Preference was given to proposals with clear potential benefits to smallholders or the broader community, involving collaboration with different agencies and including complementary inputs from other sources.

Progress Reports (Year 1, 2, 3 etc)

LARF-14: Maize Variety Development for the Lao PDR
Agency: National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI)
Project Leader: Mr Singkham Nephanthala
Project Duration: 3 years commencing May 2007

LARF-15: Development of Gall Midge (GM) Resistant Lowland Rice Varieties
Agency: Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Services Office (PAF0) - Savannakhet Province
Project Leader: Dr Soulaphone Inthavong
Project Duration: 3 years commencing April 2007

LARF-16: Improvement of Frog Strains for Improving Frog Production in Laos
Agency: Living Aquatic Resources Center (LARReC)
Project Leader: Mr Bounsong Vongvichit
Project Duration: 3 years commencing March 2007

LARF-17: Study of fish diseases in fish culture in the Vientiane Capital
Agency: NAFRI - Living Aquatic Resources Center (LARReC)
Project Leader: Mr Saloumphone Changhavong
Project Duration: 2 years commencing May 2007

LARF-18: Study of the growth response of native pigs to Leucaena leaf meal supplements to basal diets of rice bran and maize
Agency: NAFRI - Livestock Research Center (LRC)
Project Leader: Mr Phonepaseuth Phengsavanh
Project Duration: 2 years commencing May 2007

LARF-19: Effects of Erythiana leaf and cassava leaf hay as supplementary feeds on the voluntary intake and growth performance of native cattle
Agency: National University of Laos (NUOL) - Faculty of Agriculture
Project Leader: Mr Viengsakoun Napasirth
Project Duration: 1 year commencing March 2007

Project Outcomes

This pilot project developed and supported 13 small projects of 1-3 years duration. It led onto the establishment of another, the Lao Agricultural Research Fund (LARF) - ASEM/2006/060. Support for training initiatives within the context of the new project included training opportunities for leaders of LARF projects still current under this pilot project. The follow-on project also includes training initiatives in the areas of: research proposal development, technical writing skills, biometrics and English.

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