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Pigs are one of the most important livestock species raised by smallholder farmers in the Philippines and Southeast Asia and are the main species raised specifically for the purpose of providing disposable family income. However, there is little baseline information on health problems, or on opportunities available to smallholder farmers to improve current levels of productivity in village pigs. This small project will study smallholder pig production at western Leyte and northern Benguet using two techniques - a cross-sectional study during the first 12 months followed by a longitudinal study of 20 months.

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University of Queensland, Australia
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Dr Simon More
+353 1 716 6071
+353 1 716 6147
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Visayas State College of Agriculture, Department of Animall Science and Veterinary Medicine, Philippines
Visayas State College of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, Philippines
Benguet State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Philippines
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Dr Denis Hoffmann