Overview Objectives

Currently Indonesia produces less than one third of its requirements for dairy products, and the Indonesian government has placed a high priority on dairy industry development and increasing domestic milk production. The majority of Indonesia’s 100,000 dairy farmers are smallholders in rural communities, so there are considerable opportunities to improve their incomes and livelihoods. The scoping team involved in this small project will develop a research and capacity building plan as a basis for increasing domestic milk supply and quality, at the same time improving participation, efficiency and profitability of smallholders in Indonesia’s dairy value chain. The work plan involves consultations with key Indonesian stakeholder agencies, also a stakeholder workshop during which the research and capacity building plan will be developed, putting forward two alternative funding scenarios for Indonesia.

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Morelink Asia Pacific, Australia
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Mr Phillip Morey
62 816 1980 002
62 21 570 3472
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Department of Primary Industries, Victoria, Farm Services Victoria, Australia
University of Queensland, School of Veterinary Science, Australia
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Dr Rodd Dyer