LPS/2017/009 - IndoBeef preparatory program activities
LPS/2016/022 - Potential of new Australian oldman saltbush varieties to fill ruminant feed gaps in arid and saline areas of Pakistan
LPS/2016/097 - Update of SoFT (Selection of Forages for the Tropics)
LPS/2016/096 - Smallholder goat value chains in Pakistan; challenges and research opportunities
LPS/2016/027 - Assessing goat production and marketing systems in Lao PDR and market linkages into Vietnam
LPS/2016/016 - Assessing competitiveness of smallholder pig farming in the changing landscape of North West Vietnam
LPS/2016/021 - Assessment of markets and production constraints to small ruminant farming in the Pacific Island Countries
LPS/2016/011 - Improving smallholder dairy and beef profitability by enhancing farm production and value chain management in Pakistan
LPS/2015/037 - Intensification of beef cattle production in upland cropping systems in Northwest Vietnam
LPS/2013/021 - Profitable feeding strategies for smallholder cattle in Indonesia
LPS/2014/098 - Scoping study to support the design of a project on developing integrated dairy-crop enterprises in Tibet - China
LPS/2015/017 - Fodder markets in East Java: Identifying interventions to improve market performance and quality
LPS/2014/036 - Developing profitable dairy and sheep meat production systems in central Tibet - China
LPS/2014/038 - Smallholder cattle enterprise development in Timor Leste
LPS/2014/037 - Increasing the productivity and market options of smallholder beef cattle farmers in Vanuatu
LPS/2013/022 - Improving farmer profits from beef cattle by using dry land forage production systems in Timor Leste
LPS/2008/054 - Improving smallholder cattle fattening systems based on forage tree legume diets in eastern Indonesia and northern Australia
LPS/2009/036 - Enhancing smallholder cattle production in East Timor
LPS/2010/007 - Strengthening dairy value chains in Pakistan through improved farm management and more effective extension services
LPS/2010/010 - Competitive smallholder livestock in Botswana
LPS/2010/028 - Improving the mineral nutrition of Tibetan livestock
LPS/2010/037 - Support for development of improved TAKE approaches within BBP2TP and BPTP
LPS/2010/047 - Reducing disease risks and improving food safety in smallholder pig value chains in Vietnam
LPS/2012/062 - Developing productive, sustainable and profitable smallholder beef enterprises in central Vietnam
LPS/2013/017 - Improving nutrition during pregnancy and lactation to achieve production targets for Bali cattle
LPS/2013/020 - Adoption processes to enhance uptake of forage tree legumes in Indonesia
LPS/2014/022 - Heifer-calf and fattening strategies - Indonesia
LPS/2011/004 - Strategies to improve Bali cattle productivity in East Timor
LPS/2012/064 - Integrating herbaceous forage legumes into crop and livestock systems in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
LPS/2014/034 - Economic analysis of cattle fattening systems based on forage tree legume diets in eastern Indonesia
LPS/2008/048 - Sustainable livestock grazing systems on Chinese temperate grasslands
LPS/2005/128 - High quality markets and value chains for small-scale and emerging beef cattle farmers in South Africa
LPS/2008/049 - Overcoming technical and market constraints to the emergence of profitable beef enterprises in the north-western highlands of Vietnam

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