LPS/2015/027 - IndoBeef Preliminary Program and Projects Development - Phase 1 Design
LPS/2002/078 - Improved beef production in central Vietnam
LPS/2006/003 - Integrating forage legumes into the maize cropping systems of West Timor
LPS/2002/079 - Utilisation of local ingredients in commercial feeds for pigs
LPS/2006/005 - Evaluating strategies to improve calf survival in West Timor villages
LPS/2002/081 - Development of emerging farmer crop-livestock systems in northern RSA
LPS/2006/119 - Integrated crop and dairy systems in Tibet Autonomous Region, PR China
LPS/2002/104 - Increasing milk production from cattle in Tibet
LPS/2006/149 - Using local feeds to reduce the cost of pig and poultry production in Tonga
LPS/2002/108 - Improved management of small mammals in Tibetan grasslands
LPS/2008/013 - Can we segment the South African market for beef palatability?
LPS/2003/004 - Building agricultural knowledge and R&D capacity in Timor Leste: a small projects facility
LPS/2010/036 - Support for development of effective TAKE approaches in forage tree legumes research
LPS/2003/028 - Biological control of two major weeds affecting crop and livestock production in East Timor
LPS/2010/062 - Botswana Livestock Research and Development: Project design study
LPS/2003/054 - Feeding village poultry in the Solomon Islands
LPS/2012/034 - Use and impact of systems modelling in research for development
LPS/2004/022 - Pasture development for community livestock production in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa
LPS/2004/005 - Improving smallholder crop-livestock systems in eastern Indonesia
LPS/2008/038 - Improving reproductive performance of cows and performance of fattening cattle in low input systems of Indonesia and northern Australia
LPS/2004/023 - Strategies to increase growth of the weaned Bali calf
LPS/1998/025 - Performance evaluation and genetic improvement of ruminant animals in the Philippines
LPS/2004/073 - Capacity building on cattle production at Dong Giang district, Quang Nam province, Vietnam
LPS/1998/026 - Lucerne adapted to adverse environments in China and Australia
LPS/2005/018 - Mineral nutrition of livestock in Tibet (I & II)
LPS/1998/035 - Ruminant production in the red soils region of southern China and in northern Australia
LPS/1999/036 - Developing profitable beef business systems for previously disadvantaged farmers in South Africa
LPS/2005/052 - The development of cattle and buffalo breeding strategies and activities based on BREEDPLAN in Thailand
LPS/2000/164 - Rehabilitation of the Agriculture Faculty of the National University of East Timor
LPS/2005/063 - Improving the competitiveness of pig producers in an adjusting Vietnam market
LPS/2001/077 - Poultry feeding systems in PNG
LPS/2005/129 - Mineral response in Tibetan livestock
LPS/2001/094 - Sustainable development of grasslands in western China
LPS/2005/132 - Improving dairy production in Pakistan through improved extension services

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