FST/2016/141 - Developing and promoting market-based agroforestry options and integrated landscape management for smallholder forestry in Indonesia (Kanoppi2)
FST/2016/152 - Developing and promoting market-based agroforestry and forest rehabilitation options for northwest Vietnam
FST/2016/054 - Enhance the formation of heartwood in sandalwood in Vanuatu
FST/2015/039 - Developing integrated options and accelerating scaling up of agroforestry for improved food security and resilient livelihoods in Eastern Africa - Trees for Food Security - 2
FST/2016/025 - Developing DNA-based Chain of Custody Systems for Legally-Sourced Teak
FST/2016/158 - Domestication and breeding of sandalwood in Fiji and Tonga
FST/2016/151 - Advancing enhanced wood manufacturing industries in Laos and Australia
FST/2016/154 - Enhancing returns from high-value agroforestry species in Vanuatu
FST/2016/024 - Developing sandalwood community and smallholder plantation sector in Yogyakarta
FST/2015/007 - Developing a DNA chain of custody method to verify legally sourced teak in Indonesia and Myanmar
FST/2015/020 - Assessing genetic diversity of natural and hybrid populations in Fiji and Tonga
FST/2014/068 - Management strategies for Acacia plantation diseases in Indonesia and Vietnam
FST/2015/040 - Enhancing community-based commercial forestry in Indonesia
FST/2014/093 - Developing value chain innovation platforms to improve food security in east and southern Africa
FST/2014/099 - Enhancing private sector-led development of the Canarium nut industry in Papua New Guinea
FST/2014/066 - Improving returns from community teak plantings in Solomon Islands
FST/2014/064 - Maximising productivity of Eucalyptus and Acacia plantations for growers in Indonesia and Vietnam
FST/2014/067 - Enhancing value added products and environmental benefits from agroforestry systems in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific
FST/2014/069 - Improvement and management of teak and sandalwood in Papua New Guinea and Australia
FST/2014/065 - Development of durable engineered wood products in Papua New Guinea and Australia
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FST/1995/726 - Expert consultation to develop technical guidelines for the safe movement of Eucalyptus spp germplasm
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FST/2001/020 - Alternatives to slash and burn in SE Asia, phase 3: Facilitating development of agroforestry systems
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FST/1996/005 - Development of domestication strategies for commercially important species of Meliaceae
FST/1998/085 - The taxonomy of the shoot borer, Hypsipyla robusta and allied species in the Asian/Australian region
FST/2006/117 - Improving added value and small medium enterprises capacity in the utilisation of plantation timber for furniture production in Jepara region
FST/2001/021 - Improving the value chain for plantation-grown eucalypt sawn wood in China, Vietnam and Australia: sawing and drying
FST/2012/039 - Development of timber and non-timber forest products' production and market strategies for improvement of smallholders' livelihoods in Indonesia
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FST/1996/077 - Documentation, collection and cultivation of traditionally utilised tree species in northern Australia and eastern Indonesia
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FST/2007/052 - Improving governance, policy and institutional arrangements to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD)
FST/2001/045 - Development of forest health surveillance systems for South Pacific countries and Australia
FST/2012/040 - Enhancing smallholder benefits from reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in Indonesia
FST/2004/058 - Realising genetic gains in Indonesian and Australian plantations through water and nutrient management
FST/1986/033 - Australian woody species for saline sites in Asia
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FST/1993/112 - Double diffusion treatment of eucalypt poles
FST/1996/085 - Nutrition of tropical hardwood species in plantations in the south-western Pacific
FST/1998/113 - Development of a sustainable, community-based essential oil industry in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea using the region's woody-plant species
FST/2007/078 - Development of a Papua New Guinea timber industry based on community-based planted forests: design and implementation of a national germplasm delivery system
FST/2001/086 - Assessment of the potential of Pinus radiata for ecological restoration of the Yangtze River catchment in Aba Prefecture, Sichuan, China
FST/2012/041 - Teak-based agroforestry systems to enhance and diversify smallholder livelihoods in Luang Prabang province of Lao PDR
FST/2004/061 - Assessment, management and marketing of goods and services from cutover native forests in Papua New Guinea
FST/1987/036 - Increasing productivity of casuarina and eucalyptus plantations in southern China by inoculation with selected symbiotic micro-organisms
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FST/1996/110 - Tree production technologies for the Philippines and tropical Australia
FST/1998/115 - Domestication of Papua New Guinea's indigenous forest species
FST/2008/007 - Advanced breeding and deployment methods for tropical acacias
FST/2001/105 - Can decentralisation work for forests and the poor? Policy research to promote sustainable forest management, equitable economic development, and secure local livelihoods in Indonesia
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FST/2010/044 - Community forestry in Papua New Guinea
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FST/1998/118 - Planning methods for sustainable management of timber stocks in Papua New Guinea’s forests
FST/2008/010 - Development and delivery of germplasm for sandalwood and whitewood in Vanuatu and northern Australia
FST/2002/010 - Domestication and commercialisation of multi-purpose indigenous trees and shrubs for food and other products in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Queensland: a feasibility study with special reference to Canarium nut
FST/2012/043 - Enhancing economic opportunities offered by community and smallholder forestry in Solomon Islands
FST/2005/050 - PNG agroforestry systems - scoping study
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FST/2011/028 - Biological control of Eucalypt pests overseas and in Australia
FST/1994/019 - Genetic diversity and propagation of mangroves
FST/1996/125 - Development of germplasm and production systems for cold tolerant eucalypts for use in cool regions of southern China and Australia
FST/1999/011 - Community development through rehabilitation of Imperata grassland using trees: A model approach growing Vitex pubescens for charcoal production in Kalimantan, Indonesia
FST/2008/030 - Overcoming constraints to community-based commercial forestry in Indonesia
FST/2002/097 - Identification of optimum genetic resources for establishment of local species of sandalwood for plantations and agroforests in Vanuatu and Cape York Peninsula
FST/2012/091 - Biological control of galling insect pests of eucalypt plantations in the Mekong region
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FST/1988/048 - Introduction and cultivation experiments for Australian broadleaved tree species
FST/2011/058 - Facilitating the establishment of charcoal producer groups in Papua New Guinea
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FST/2014/016 - Water use by Eucalyptus in plantations - sustaining a social licence in South-East Asia
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FST/1988/049 - Wattle silviculture and pulping studies
FST/2012/092 - Enhancing value added wood processing in Papua New Guinea
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FST/1996/187 - Electronic compendium for forestry in the Asia-Pacific region
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FST/2009/016 - Improving the Papua New Guinea balsa value chain to enhance smallholder livelihoods
FST/2003/002 - Development and evaluation of sterile triploids and polyploid breeding methodologies for commercial species of Acacia in Vietnam, South Africa and Australia
FST/2014/028 - Proof on concept: verification of chain of custody of teak in Indonesia using DNA markers
FST/2005/100 - Value adding to Lao PDR plantation timber products
FST/1990/043 - Multi-purpose tree and sandalwood silviculture in Indonesia
FST/1995/000 - Manufacture of low-cost wood-cement composites in the Philippines using plantation grown Australian tree species
FST/1996/205 - Status of the tree-damaging Neotermes sp. in Fiji's American mahogany plantations and preliminary evaluation of the use of entomopathogens for their control
FST/1999/086 - Global Phase of the Forestry Compendium - a silvicultural reference
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FST/2003/025 - Community partnerships for plantation forestry: enhancing rural incomes from forestry in eastern Indonesia and Australia
FST/2014/030 - Pilot testing of wood properties for Papua New Guinea timber species
FST/2005/177 - Improving economic outcomes for smallholders growing teak in agroforestry systems in Indonesia
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FST/1995/103 - Ecology and control of tip moths feeding on red cedar and allied forest trees in the Meliaceae: Review Workshop
FST/1996/206 - Assessment of eucalyptus rust as a pathogen of Eucalyptus species and other Myrtaceae, and development of sensitive methods for its detection in germplasm
FST/1999/095 - Improving the value chain for plantation-grown eucalypt sawn wood in China, Vietnam and Australia: Genetics and silviculture
FST/2009/062 - Development of advanced veneer and other products from coconut wood to enhance livelihoods in South Pacific communities
FST/2003/048 - Management of fungal root rot in plantation acacias in Indonesia
FST/1983/020 - Australian hardwoods for fuelwood and agroforestry
FST/2005/180 - Laos teak/non-timber forest products agroforestry scoping study
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FST/2000/001 - Impacts of fire and its use for sustainable land and forest management in Indonesia and northern Australia.
FST/2010/012 - Enhancing key elements of the value chains for plantation-grown wood in Lao PDR
FST/2003/049 - Review of portable sawmills in the Pacific: Identifying the factors for success
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FST/2006/048 - Processing of Canarium indicum nuts: adapting and refining techniques to benefit farmers in the South Pacific
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FST/2000/003 - Mixed species plantations of high-value trees for timber production and enhanced community services in Vietnam and Australia
FST/2010/013 - Developing markets and products for the Papua New Guinea Canarium nut industry
FST/2004/009 - Facilitating the availability and use of improved germplasm for forestry and agroforestry in Papua New Guinea
FST/1983/057 - Casuarina for fuelwood and nitrogen fixation
FST/2006/087 - Optimising silvicultural management and productivity of high-quality acacia plantations, especially for sawlogs
FST/1991/026 - Improvement in tree establishment for tropical dryland conditions in east Africa
FST/1995/110 - Fungal pathogens as a potential threat to tropical acacias
FST/1997/042 - Use of fire in land management for sustainable agricultural and forestry development in eastern Indonesia and northern Australia - review workshop
FST/2000/016 - Breeding to enhance productivity of plantations of melaleucas for essential oil production in Indonesia
FST/2010/034 - Agroforestry for livelihoods of smallholder farmers in north-western Vietnam
FST/2004/050 - Value-adding to Papua New Guinea agroforestry systems
FST/1984/057 - Introduction and cultivation experiments for Australian broad-leaved tree species
FST/2006/088 - Promoting diverse fuelwood production systems in Papua New Guinea
FST/1991/027 - Predicting tree growth at specific sites and for general regions in Southeast Asia
FST/1995/123 - Testing the utility of the north Queensland rainforest growth and timber yield model in Papua New Guinea
FST/1997/077 - Eucalypts and groundwater: managing plantations to avoid resource depletion and environmental detriment in China and Australia
FST/2000/122 - Application of molecular marker technologies for genetic improvement of forest plantation species in Indonesia and Australia
FST/2011/003 - Effective implementation of payments for environmental services in Lao PDR
FST/2004/053 - Establishing forest pest detection systems in South Pacific countries and Australia
FST/1984/058 - Wattle silviculture and utilisation of tannin extracts
FST/2006/118 - Sandalwood inventory
FST/1992/008 - Tree establishment technologies in the Philippines

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