CIM/2016/046 - Breeding for low chalk in rice
CIM/2016/219 - Identification of sources of resistance to wheat blast and their deployment in wheat varieties adapted to Bangladesh
CIM/2016/174 - Improved mungbean harvesting and seed production systems for Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan
CIM/2015/009 - Protecting stored grains against pests
CIM/2016/039 - Insect tolerant chickpea for Bangladesh
CIM/2014/081 - Mitigating the effects of stripe rust on wheat production in South Asia and eastern Africa
CIM/2015/041 - Increasing productivity and profitability of pulse production in cereal based cropping systems in Pakistan
CIM/2012/086 - Developing a foundation for the long-term management of basal stem rot of oil palm in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands
CIM/2014/079 - Establishing the international mungbean improvement network
CIM/2014/082 - Agricultural innovations for communities for intensified and sustainable farming systems in Timor-Leste (AI-Com)
CIM/2007/120 - Improving post-rainy sorghum varieties to meet the growing grain and fodder demand in India
CIM/2011/026 - Sustainable wheat and maize production in Afghanistan
CIM/2013/005 - A targeted approach to sorghum improvement in Ethiopia
CIM/2013/009 - Molecular marker technologies for faster wheat breeding in India 2
CIM/2013/011 - Indo-Australian project on root and establishment traits for greater water use efficiency in wheat 2

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