CIM/2016/046 - Breeding for low chalk in rice
CIM/2016/219 - Identification of sources of resistance to wheat blast and their deployment in wheat varieties adapted to Bangladesh
CIM/2016/174 - Improved mungbean harvesting and seed production systems for Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan
CIM/2015/009 - Protecting stored grains against pests
CIM/2016/039 - Insect tolerant chickpea for Bangladesh
CIM/2016/034 - Response to Wheat Blast in Bangladesh
CIM/2014/081 - Mitigating the effects of stripe rust on wheat production in South Asia and eastern Africa
CIM/2015/041 - Increasing productivity and profitability of pulse production in cereal based cropping systems in Pakistan
CIM/2012/086 - Developing a foundation for the long-term management of basal stem rot of oil palm in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands
CIM/2015/008 - Multiplication and distribution of mungbean mini-core germplasm
CIM/2015/010 - Weedy rice in the Philippines and Vietnam
CIM/2014/079 - Establishing the international mungbean improvement network
CIM/2014/082 - Agricultural innovations for communities for intensified and sustainable farming systems in Timor-Leste (AI-Com)
CIM/2014/027 - Optimisation of the single drop genomics assay to detect food pathogens
CIM/2001/026 - Drying systems to improve grain quality in north-east India
CIM/2006/094 - Enhancing farm profitability in north-western India and South Australia by improving grain quality of wheat
CIM/1995/130 - Soybean variety adaptation and improvement in Vietnam and Australia
CIM/2001/039 - Integrated management of Botrytis Grey Mould of chickpea in Bangladesh and Australia
CIM/2006/176 - Developing molecular markers to enable selection against chalk in rice
CIM/1996/006 - Wheat improvement in Sichuan Province: application of modern breeding technologies
CIM/2002/093 - Intensifying production of grain and fodder in Central Tibet farming systems
CIM/2006/177 - Wheat improvement for waterlogging, salinity and element toxicities in Australia and India
CIM/2005/111 - More effective water use by rainfed wheat in China and Australia
CIM/1996/007 - Traits for yield improvement of chickpea in drought-prone environments of India and Australia
CIM/2002/106 - Fertilisation-independent formation of embryo, endosperm and pericarp for apomictic hybrid rice
CIM/2007/064 - Linking India and Australia to a global strategy for the Ug99 stem rust pathotype
CIM/2007/084 - Molecular markers for broadening the genetic base of stem rust resistance genes effective against strain Ug99
CIM/1996/025 - Physiological and genetic approaches for the development of waterlogging tolerance in wheat on sodic/alkaline and neutral soils in India and Australia
CIM/2003/014 - Seeds of Life 2
CIM/2007/065 - Sustainable wheat and maize production in Afghanistan
CIM/2007/120 - Improving post-rainy sorghum varieties to meet the growing grain and fodder demand in India
CIM/1998/014 - Increasing yield potential in wheat: complementing conventional breeding by application of novel physiological and germplasm strategies
CIM/2003/030 - Improving understanding and management of rice pathogens in Cambodia
CIM/2010/014 - Applying wheat marker quality in India
CIM/2007/122 - Sustainable intensification of rice-maize production systems in Bangladesh
CIM/1999/048 - Increased productivity of rice-based cropping systems in Lao PDR, Cambodia and Australia
CIM/2003/066 - Enhancing the adoption of improved cassava production and utilisation systems in Indonesia and East Timor
CIM/2010/025 - Design mission - Seeds of Life 3
CIM/2008/027 - Development of conservation cropping systems in the drylands of northern Iraq
CIM/1999/062 - Improving the quality of pearl millet residues for livestock
CIM/2003/067 - Ensuring productivity and food security through sustainable control of yellow rust of wheat in Asia
CIM/2010/048 - Bioinformatics for breeding: Data management and cross prediction
CIM/2009/038 - Introduction of short duration pulses into rice-based cropping systems in western Bangladesh
CIM/1999/064 - Lentil and Lathyrus in the cropping systems of Nepal: improving crop establishment and yield of relay and post-rice-sown pulses in the terai and mid-hills
CIM/2004/002 - Wheat and maize productivity improvement in Afghanistan
CIM/2009/049 - Seeds of Life 3
CIM/1999/072 - Oilseed Brassica improvement in China, India and Australia
CIM/2004/003 - Plant health management for faba bean, chickpea and lentils
CIM/2011/026 - Sustainable wheat and maize production in Afghanistan
CIM/1999/094 - Improving the productivity and sustainability of rainfed farming systems for the western Loess Plateau of Gansu Province
CIM/2004/004 - Plant genetic resource conservation, documentation and utilisation in central Asia and the Caucasus
CIM/2013/005 - A targeted approach to sorghum improvement in Ethiopia
CIM/2000/035 - Increased productivity of cool season pulses in rain-fed agricultural systems of China and Australia
CIM/2004/024 - Better crop germplasm and management for improved production of wheat, barley and pulse and forage legumes in Iraq
CIM/2013/009 - Molecular marker technologies for faster wheat breeding in India 2
CIM/2000/038 - Use and improvement of sugarcane germplasm
CIM/2005/020 - Molecular marker technologies for faster wheat breeding in India
CIM/2013/011 - Indo-Australian project on root and establishment traits for greater water use efficiency in wheat 2
CIM/2000/066 - Host resistance, epidemiology and integrated management of faba bean, chickpea and lentil diseases
CIM/2005/079 - Seeds of Life - Technical Advisory Group
CIM/2014/023 - Improving mungbean breeding and production
CIM/2000/078 - Conservation, evaluation and utilisation of plant genetic resources from Central Asia and the Caucasus
CIM/2005/152 - Australia-China linkage for improved rice cold tolerance
CIM/2014/024 - Identification and validation of functional markers from diverse germplasm to reduce chalk in rice breeding materials
CIM/2000/160 - Seeds of Life - East Timor
CIM/2006/071 - Indo-Australian project on root and establishment traits for greater water use efficiency in wheat

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