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FS2016 - AH/2012/068 - FS2016 - AH/2012/068 - Development of a biosecure market-driven beef production system in Lao PDR - FACTSHEET
FS2016 - AH/2011/054 - FS2016 - AH/2011/054 - Improving livelihoods of small-scale livestock producers in the Central Dry Zone through research on animal production and health in Myanmar - FACTSHEET
FS038 - ACIAR in Australia — Victorian partnerships
TR082 - Developing a clean market chain for poultry products in Indonesia
AS010 - Adoption of ACIAR project outputs 2013
PR138 - Cattle health, production and trade in Cambodia
AS009 - Adoption of ACIAR project outputs: studies of projects completed in 2007–08
MN087a - Controlling Newcastle disease in village chickens: a laboratory manual – 2nd edition [French translation]
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PR137 - Animal biosecurity in the Mekong: future directions for research and development
FR2011-31 - Control and characterisation of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) strains in poultry in Indonesia
FR2011-30 - The epidemiology, pathogenesis and control of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in ducks in Indonesia and Vietnam
FR2011-20 - Evaluating strategies to improve calf survival in West Timor villages
PR043 - Pasteurellosis in production animals
IAS065 - ACIAR investment in research on forages in Indonesia
FR2010-08 - Management of classical swine fever and foot and mouth disease at the village level in Lao PDR
FR2010-06 - The identification of constraints and possible remedies to livestock production by zoonotic diseases in the South Pacific
FR2010-05 - Improved productivity, profitability and sustainability of sheep production in Maharashtra, India, through genetically enhanced prolificacy, growth and parasite resistance
FR2010-02a - Budidaya Ternak Babi Komersial oleh Peternak Kecil di NTT - Peluang untuk Integrasi Pasar yang Lebih Baik
FR2010-02 - Smallholder commercial pig production in East Nusa Tenggara - opportunities for better market integration
PR133 - Use of the FecB (Booroola) gene in sheep-breeding programs
FR2009-39 - Poverty alleviation and food security through improving the sweetpotato-pig systems in Papua, Indonesia
FR2009-38 - Improved diagnostic and control methodologies for two major livestock diseases in Lao PDR and Yunnan province, China
FR2009-30 - Identification of policy responses to minimise negative socioeconomic impacts of an avian influenza epidemic in Indonesia
FR2009-29 - Large-scale production of a vaccine and diagnostic reagents for Jembrana disease in Indonesia
FR2009-28 - Development of a model for the control of fasciolosis in cattle and buffaloes in Cambodia
PR131 - Village chickens, poverty alleviation and the sustainable control of Newcastle disease
IAS061 - Salinity reduction in tannery effluents in India and Australia
MN139 - Improving village chicken production: a manual for field workers and trainers
FR2009-26 - Potential economic impacts of the Varroa bee mite on the pollination of major crops in Papua New Guinea
FR2009-16 - Development of a vaccine for the control of Gumboro in village and small poultry holdings in Indonesia
FR2009-14 - Salinity reduction in tannery effluents in India and Australia
FR2009-13 - Increasing the productivity of cattle in India and Australia with rumen fungal treatments
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AR2003-04 - Annual Report 2003-04
AR2002-03 - Annual Report 2002-03
AS005 - Adoption of ACIAR project outputs: studies of projects completed in 2003-2004
AOP2007-08 - Annual Operational Plan 2007-08
MN133 - Overcoming liver fluke as a constraint to ruminant production in South-East Asia
WP59a [Mandarin] - A survey of the mineral status of livestock in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China
FR2008-29 - Control of Newcastle disease and identification of major constraints in village chicken production systems in Myanmar
FR2008-28 - Feeding papaya fruits and betel nuts to reduce parasite burdens and increase growth rate in pigs
FR2008-20 - A scoping study investigating opportunities for improving biosecurity on commercial poultry farms in Indonesia
FR2008-10 - Identifying research priorities for development of the beef industry in Cambodia and Lao PDR
FR2008-06 - Vaccine business development in the Lao PDR
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PMG018 - Partners Magazine September 2004
PMG017 - Partners Magazine June 2004
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WP59 - A survey of the mineral status of livestock in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China
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PR117 - Control of newcastle disease and duck plague in village poultry
MN100 - Field methods for rodent studies in Asia and the Indo-Pacific
IAS023 - Improved methods for the diagnosis and control of bluetongue in small ruminants in Asia and the epidemiology and control of bovine ephemeral fever in China
MN058 - Understanding animal health in southeast Asia: advances in the collection, management and use of animal health information
MN054 - Survey toolbox forlivestock diseases: a practical manual and software package for active surveillance in developing countries
MN086 - Controlling Newcastle disease in village chickens: a training manual
MN087 - Controlling Newcastle disease in village chickens: a laboratory manual - 2nd edition
PR094 - Classical swine fever and emerging diseases in southeast Asia
PR066 - Bluetongue disease in the Asia-Pacific region
PR073 - Mineral problems in sheep in northern China and some other regions in Asia
TR030 - A review of the biology and management of rodent pests in southeast Asia
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MN057 - Haemorrhagic septicaemia
PR039 - Newcastle disease in village chickens
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MN082 - Controlling Newcastle disease in village chickens: a field manual
PR051 - Foot-and-mouth disease in southeast Asia
PR075 - Jembrana disease and the bovine lentiviruses
MN005 - Newcastle disease in poultry: a new food pellet vaccine
PR103 - SADC planning workshop on newcastle disease control in village chickens

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