AH/2016/020 - Improving dairy cattle health and production in Vietnam
AH/2014/087 - Epidemiology of henipavirus in horses and pigs in Sultan Kudarat, Mindanao, Philippines
AH/1997/058 - Increasing the productivity of cattle in India and Australia with rumen fungal treatments
AH/2004/074 - Large scale production of a vaccine and diagnostic reagents for Jembrana disease in Indonesia
AH/2008/037 - Potential economic impacts of the Varroa bee mite on the pollination of major crops in Papua New Guinea
AH/1997/115 - Increasing efficiency and productivity of ruminants in India and Australia by the use of protected nutrient technology
AH/2005/086 - Best practice health and husbandry of cattle, Cambodia
AH/2011/029 - Brucellosis in West and East Timor
AH/1998/054 - Poverty alleviation and food security through improving the sweet potato-pig systems in Indonesia
AH/2005/107 - Food safety research in Indonesia scoping study
AH/2011/032 - Soil fingerprinting approaches for improving biosecurity and the livestock sector in the Mekong region
AH/2000/009 - Development of diagnostic and control methodologies for animal trypanosomiasis (Surra) in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia
AH/2006/025 - Understanding livestock movement and the risk of spread of transboundary animal diseases
AH/2011/042 - Research support to improve regional livestock biosecurity in the Mekong region
AH/2000/083 - Development of a vaccine for the control of Gumboro in village and small poultry holdings in Indonesia
AH/2006/050 - Control and characterisation of highly pathogenic avian influenza strains in poultry in Indonesia
AH/2012/036 - Rabies risk assessment in eastern Indonesia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea and northern Australia
AH/2001/005 - Salinity reduction in tannery effluents in India and Australia
AH/2006/077 - Identifying research priorities for the development of the beef industry in Cambodia and Lao PDR with special reference to animal health interventions
AH/2011/014 - Village-based biosecurity for livestock disease risk management in Cambodia
AH/2006/156 - Livestock movement and managing disease in eastern Indonesia and eastern Australia
AH/2001/054 - The identification of constraints and possible remedies to livestock production by zoonotic diseases in the South Pacific
AH/2006/078 - Assessing and controlling the risks of disease spread in Mekong countries with an initial focus on Cambodia
AH/2012/067 - Enhancing transboundary livestock disease risk management in Lao PDR
AH/2007/106 - Improvement and sustainability of sweet potato-pig production systems to support livelihoods in highland Papua and West Papua, Indonesia
AH/2002/038 - Improved productivity, profitability and sustainability of sheep production in Maharashtra, India through genetically enhanced prolificacy, growth and parasite resistance
AH/2006/155 - Vaccine business development in Lao PDR
AH/2012/068 - Development of a market-driven biosecure beef production system in Lao PDR
AH/2009/001 - Increased productivity and reduced risk in pig production and market. Component 1: animal and human health
AH/2002/042 - Control of Newcastle disease and identification of major constraints in village chicken production systems in Burma
AH/2006/157 - Animal health surveillance systems for Papua New Guinea
AH/2012/066 - Improving the production and competitiveness of Australian and Philippines pig production through better health and disease control
AH/2009/022 - Improved investigation, diagnosis and technical support for the control of respiratory diseases of pigs in the Philippines and Australia
AH/2002/099 - Development of a model for the control of fasciolosis in cattle and buffaloes in the Kingdom of Cambodia
AH/2006/159 - Best practice health and husbandry of cattle and buffalo in Lao PDR
AH/2010/019 - Increased productivity and reduced risk in pig production and market chains. Component 2: animal production
AH/2003/001 - Management of CSF and FMD at the village level in Lao PDR
AH/2006/161 - Management of pig associated zoonosis in the Lao PDR
AH/2010/039 - Surveillance tools and strategies for improved control, monitoring and eradication of avian influenza in Indonesia
AH/2003/008 - Improved feeding systems for more efficient beef cattle production in Cambodia
AH/2006/163 - Assessment of zoonotic diseases in Indonesia
AH/2010/046 - Domestic and international market development for high-value cattle and beef in South-East Cambodia
AH/2004/020 - The development of a national surveillance system for classical swine fever, avian influenza, and foot and mouth disease in Indonesia
AH/2006/164 - Future directions for animal health services in Indonesia
AH/2011/040 - Rapid assessment of potential benefits to human health and nutrition from research on livestock and fish market chains in Asia and Africa
AH/2004/032 - Identification of policy responses to minimise negative socio-economic impacts of an avian influenza epidemic in Indonesia
AH/2006/166 - Improving veterinary service delivery in a decentralised Indonesia
AH/2011/054 - Improving livelihoods of small-scale livestock producers in the central dry zone through research on animal production and health in Myanmar
AH/2004/040 - The epidemiology, pathogenesis and control of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in ducks in Indonesia and Vietnam
AH/2006/169 - Cost-effective biosecurity for non-industrial commercial poultry operations in Indonesia
AH/2012/021 - Forage options for smallholder livestock in water-scarce environments of Afghanistan
AH/2004/046 - Forage legumes for supplementing village pigs in Lao PDR
AH/2007/060 - Scoping opportunities for improving bio-security in commercial poultry in Indonesia

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