AGB/2016/007 - Challenges and opportunities for meeting requirements of China mango markets
AGB/2016/009 - Enhancing mango fruit quality in Asian mango chains
AGB/2016/006 - Supporting access to mango research information, communication, collaboration and capacity development
AGB/2017/008 - Integrating gender and social inclusion into agricultural value chain research in Vietnam
AGB/2016/008 - Opportunities and strategies to improve biosecurity, market access and trade for selected mango markets
AGB/2016/053 - Impact assessment of cocoa interventions in Vanuatu
AGB/2016/033 - Evaluating options for reducing agricultural transport costs and improving market access for smallholders in South East Asia.
AGB/2016/031 - Developing a Trade Model and information network for cattle and beef trade sector of SE Asia and China
AGB/2016/032 - Developing an emergency response and long term management strategy for Cassava Mosaic Virus in Cambodia and Vietnam
AGB/2014/057 - Pacific Agribusiness Research in Development Initiative Phase 2 (PARDI 2)
AGB/2015/015 - Analysis of mango markets, trade and strategic research issues in the Asia-Pacific
AGB/2015/024 - Additional analysis of regional beef markets and trade in China and South-East Asia
AGB/2015/029 - A strategic approach to pro-poor consumer research in the Mekong region - extended analyses
AGB/2015/030 - Developing a sustainable business model for upscaling the Agribusiness master class
AGB/2014/035 - Improving livelihoods in Myanmar and Vietnam through vegetable value chains
AGB/2015/014 - Evaluation of livelihood impacts from agribusiness development opportunities in the Pacific (PARDI II)
AGB/2012/078 - Developing value-chain linkages to enhance the adoption of profitable and sustainable cassava production systems in Vietnam and Indonesia
AGB/2008/002 - Improved market engagement for sustainable upland production systems in the north-western highlands of Vietnam
AGB/2012/007 - Eastern Indonesia agribusiness development opportunities - analysis of maize value chains
AGB/2012/009 - Eastern Indonesia agribusiness development opportunities - analysis of vegetable value chains
AGB/2012/030 - Towards more profitable and sustainable vegetable-based farming systems in north-western Vietnam and Australia
AGB/2012/055 - Indonesian seed potato value chains - analysis of development opportunities
AGB/2012/056 - Innovative business opportunities for profitable and sustainable cassava value chains in Southeast Asia
AGB/2012/059 - Towards more profitable and sustainable vegetable production systems in north-western Vietnam
AGB/2012/109 - Developing vegetable and fruit value chains and integrating them with community development in the southern Philippines
AGB/2012/048 - Review of regional beef markets and trade in China and South-East Asia
AGB/2009/060 - Improving market integration for high value fruit and vegetable production systems in Indonesia
AGB/2010/099 - Evaluating smallholder livelihoods and sustainability in Indonesian coffee and cocoa value chains
AGB/2012/099 - Improving milk supply, competitiveness and livelihoods in smallholder dairy chains in Indonesia
AGB/2014/058 - IndoBeef strategic framework and cross-cutting themes
AGB/2012/060 - Improving smallholder incomes in the north-western highlands of Vietnam by increasing access and competitiveness in regional temperate and subtropical fruit markets
AGB/2006/112 - Increasing the safe production, promotion and utilisation of indigenous vegetables by women in Vietnam and Australia

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