The ACIAR website search uses facetted searching techniques. This creates a very powerful search tool that allows users to conduct complex searches easily. Simple or keyword searches can also be performed.

Can I do a simple search like I do with Google?

You can just use a simple search technique such as Google uses. Just enter the search term or keyword in the Keyword search box and click on Search or press Enter on your keyboard. A list of search results will be displayed sorted by relevance to your keyword or you can click on Date to sort by date published on the website.

Can I search using a two-word search term?

Yes. You can join two or more search terms by using quotations marks. For example “rice paddy”. You can also use the Boolean search operator AND. An example would be “food security” AND Africa.

What are filters and what do they do?

Filters are based on types of content. You can use these in combination with a keyword, or by themselves.

A list of filters is displayed at the left hand side of the page. Tick the check boxes to apply the filter and you will see that the list of filters changes dynamically to show different options. The number in brackets after the filter name shows the number of results that will be obtained using that filter.

When we publish a media release on the website it is given a content type of “media release” . This means yuo can then search for all media releases on the site - using a key word in addition to the filter makes this a very targetted way of searching.

What will be displayed in the search results?

Once you’ve performed a search you will notice a heading Current search. Under that heading you will find a search result count showing the number of items found, as well as a list of terms and filters used for that search.

Each search result will also show: the title of the page found, the content type - news, project etc. Publication results will also show the cover of the publication.

How do I find out about projects that relate to a particular research program?

Use the filters by type Project and by type Program Area. This will display a list of the projects relating to the research program selected.

I’ve entered the wrong keyword or selected the wrong filter. How do I fix this?

You can change the keyword by overtyping it or by unticking the box next to the Keyword or Filter under the Current search heading. You can also change and add to filters by using the checkboxes next to the available filters on the left of the page. To clear all filters, click on Clear all Filters under Current Search.

How do I search for publications?

You can use either the normal search page or go to the publications search page. They both work in the same way; the publications search is just pre-set to search for publications only.

To search for publications of a specific type, click on the filter for Publication (if using the standard search page). You will then be able to search for publications by program and publication category in combination with a keyword if you wish.

For example publications containing the keyword ‘rice’ can be filtered by the program area ‘Land and Water Resources’. You will see that this returns approximately 5 results – 2 technical reports, 2 proceedings, 1 final report and a Partners magazine article. A search for ‘rice’ filtered by publication category Final Reports gives 7 results.

Comments or questions on searching?

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