It is a contractual requirement that all personnel travelling on an ACIAR-funded project submit:

  • a completed Travel Advisory Note (TAN) prior to travel
  • a trip report once the travel is complete.

You will need the relevant ACIAR project or contract number and a copy of your itinerary to complete this form (eg: SMCN/2015/134 or for contracts enter CON/YYYY/123)

PLEASE NOTE: the Travel Advisory Note online form is currently not working. ACIAR is addressing the issue and will let you know when the full function has returned.

In the meantime, you are required to complete the online form, click ‘Submit’ and email a copy to

  • Please view ACIAR’s Standard Conditions Section 8 - Travel for more information
  • Decisions on travel by Australian project personnel must be made by the relevant employing organisation.
  • Travellers should check the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Travel Advices prior to travel at