ACIAR is an independent agency within the Australian Government Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio. We report to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister for International Development and the Pacific.
Our mission is to catalyse more productive, sustainable and resilient food and farming systems, for the benefit of developing countries and Australia. We do this through brokering and funding research partnerships between Australian scientists and developing countries.
Australian scientists are encouraged and supported to use their skills for the benefit of partner countries while at the same time contributing to solutions for Australia’s own agricultural problems.
Australia is a world leader in agricultural research. Our diverse agricultural sector extends from the tropics to the arid zone. It has consistently outperformed the rest of the Australian economy in productivity improvement, while operating in highly variable and challenging climates with minimal external subsidies. Australian agricultural science and expertise is relevant to the challenges and problems encountered in countries throughout the Asia-Pacific and beyond.

Regional focus

We invest in developing countries primarily in the Indo-Pacific. Our research programs align with key sectoral priorities in agriculture, fisheries and water outlined in the Australian Government strategy for Overseas Development Assistance.
We develop and manage research investments at global, regional and country levels. We review and if necessary adjust our portfolio on an annual basis in response to changing national and international priorities, issues and needs. Priorities for research and development (R&D) collaboration are typically developed collaboratively at the country level, and project proposals are designed to tackle partner country national priorities together with Australian research capabilities.
Our partnership model fosters joint ownership, research harmonisation and collaborative promotion of results.
Since 1982, ACIAR has commissioned and managed well over 1000 research projects in around 36 countries. More than 150 institutions in partner countries have been involved in collaborative projects with more than 50 Australian research organisations.