Aid program initiatives

ACIAR is a global leader in developing, managing and evaluating effective agricultural research partnerships in developing countries as a specialist element of Australian Government aid policy.
We have two principal strategic goals for recipient countries: private sector development and human development. The two are intimately interlinked.
ACIAR has a long track record working with the private sector in agricultural research. The public and private sectors have complementary and interactive roles to play in agricultural innovation, including extension of agronomic, technical and economic information. With innovative private sector partnerships, the agriculture, fisheries and forestry sector can drive comprehensive economic transformations that deliver more equitable and sustainable growth.
Women and girls play a central role in the farming, food and health systems of developing countries. Accordingly, and consistent with the Australian Aid framework, ACIAR places a high priority on gender equity during project design, implementation and impact assessment. We aim to bring sustained change to women and men in our agricultural research projects by influencing policies and laws, increasing access to services, and changing attitudes and beliefs about women’s and men’s roles.
ACIAR’s research investments help us to better understand access to—and decision-making power over—productive resources such as land, livestock, agricultural equipment, knowledge and credit. This in turn helps us to guide research so that benefits are accessible to women, men, girls and boys.