ACIAR’S Gender Equity Policy and Strategy 2017 – 2021 takes a long-term, principles-based approach to gender equity that is applicable to the commissioning and management of research, corporate management and outreach and capacity building. This policy will support ACIAR’s gender equity goal over the 10 Year Strategic Vision (2018-2028).

Gender equity and women’s empowerment will be comprehensively integrated into the research portfolio. Developing an understanding of gender and power relations is integral to the production of relevant, robust research. ACIAR will work with commissioned organisations and partners to influence and effect change in order to ensure that research is undertaken in a manner that advances gender equity and empowers women.

Outreach and capacity building activities will be designed to support gender equity and women’s empowerment. This will be achieved by ensuring capacity building programs are accessible and suitable for both men and women, and new programs are designed to specifically ensure equitable access to opportunities. ACIAR’s outreach activities will highlight women’s empowerment and aim to deliver equitable representation of both men and women.

ACIAR will ensure our corporate management is responsive to the needs of men and women in ACIAR, supporting a respectful and equitable workplace. Human Resources will take the lead in supporting respect and diversity in the organisational culture of ACIAR. Corporate services will ensure equitable access to information for men and women and strive to develop training and tools relevant to all staff.

ACIAR’s commitment to gender equity, inclusion and respect will be further demonstrated by efforts to understand and address gendered bias. This approach, consistent with the rigour applied to scientific research, will deliver more comprehensive research for development and a more inclusive, respectful and effective organisational culture. Senior leaders will enact and champion ACIAR’s gender equity policy to establish and enact meaningful commitment to the principles of gender equity and the implementation of this policy.

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